Photo Talk Plus, Episode 11, With Special Guest Ivan Makarov!

What a great episode of Photo Talk Plus. In this episode cohost Lotus Carroll and myself interview photographer and curator of the new Plus One Collection Book, Ivan Makarov.

Ivan gives all of the background on how this great book came into being and also shares with us some of his own work from here in the United States and also his home country of the Soviet Union.

Keith Barrett, Ricardo Lagos, Nick Gatens and Kerry Murphy join as guest panelists.

In addition to Ivan’s work and the Plus One Collection book, show topics include, Exposed, The G+ Photography Journal, Tom Anderson’s HDR work in Hawaii, the hot new photo bookmarking site Pinterest, and Google’s advertisement at the Grammy’s about using Google as a backup for your cellphone photos.

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Also be sure and join us tomorrow night here again at 8PM PST Live when we interview Teresa Stover in Photo Talk Plus Episode 12!!!

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