The North American International Auto Show 2012

Apparently There's a New Porsche Coming Out -- Detroit, MI

Over 100 photos of the North American International Auto Show here!

Watch them as a slide show here!

I was pleased to be able to attend the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) this year as an invited social media guest for The Ford Motor Company. The show opens this weekend, but they give the press a preview day ahead of the opening and Scott Monty, Ford’s Head of Social Media, and his excellent team hosted me and about 150 other bloggers as press for the event.

In addition to covering NAIAS, Ford also hosted us at The Henry Ford Museum and at their world headquarters. Scott also gave me a personal tour inside the historic Ford Rouge River plant where photography is not usually allowed but where I was allowed to photograph (these photos coming soon). Ford really rolled out the red carpet for us and even arranged for us to have a personal interview with Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally along with many other of the Ford executives. Wow!

I’ve photographed a lot of cars and car shows before but never anything as huge or comprehensive as NAIAS. NAIAS is one of the largest automobile shows in the world and I had an absolute blast shooting it. In addition to all of the major car manufacturers showing off their upcoming models, the manufacturers also showcase many concept cars and share new technology ideas that they are working on for the future.

Anyways, I’ll post more on this trip later along with more photos, but here are a little over 100 of my photos of the show. If you like the photos and are an auto enthusiast feel free to share the photos with others. All of my photos are licensed creative commons non-commercial so feel free to use them if you’d like. If you’re a commercial blog feel free to use as well.

Thank you again to Scott Monty and Ford Motor Company for putting so much effort into organizing this trip for a bunch of bloggers. It’s great to see Ford reaching out beyond the traditional press/media channels and recognizing our content and getting us involved in an event like this. It really shows that Ford is a forward thinking company and gets where media is headed in the future.


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