The Incomplete List of the Top 20 +1ers Who Share the Love on Google+

Yesterday Louis Gray shared an interesting post based on a discussion kicked off by Thomas Morrfew and Thomas Tenkely. The post showed how to find out how many +1s you’ve handed out on Google+. I reshared the post here. So did my good Pal Robert Scoble here.

I thought it would be interesting to go around to the various posts and put together a list of the top 20 people who +1 on Google+. This list is wildly inaccurate in that it only includes the people who responded to these posts, but I thought it would be an interesting list of folks nonetheless.

I love +1ing on G+. It’s like handing out little pieces of candy for everything that I like. Some people have asked for a list of their +1s. Personally I hope that if Google gives us this list that they give us the option of making it public or private. I don’t like my favorites on flickr being stalked by people and would prefer to keep my +1s private.

Anyways, that’s neither here nor there, but here are the top 20 +1ers that I was able to sort of sort together based on these posts. Thanks to everyone who +1’s on Google+ and shares the love!

1. Kev Isabeth, 112,161

2. Dirk Talamasca, 98,240

3. Mark Esguerra, 61,072

4. Kerry Murphy, 56215

5. Billy Wilson, 51,602

6. Lotus Carroll, 46,196

7. Chelsea Leland, 44,823

8. Sandra Parlow, 40,541

9. Daniel Chen, 36,000

10. Louis Gray, 33,000

11. Rachel Blum, 33,000

12. Jaana Nyström, 32,239

13. Kol Tregaskes, 30,592

14. Jenn Kirkland, 25439

15. Lars Clausen, 25,251

16. Turtle Qiu, 24,270

17. Cameron Siguenza, 24,198

18. Celine Chamberlin, 23,184

19. Brian Kemper, 20,650

20. Mihailo Radičević, 20.000

You can find out how many +1’s you’ve handed out by going and checking here. Lots of other interesting Google analytical information here too. I’ve done 45,802! Whew!

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  1. Oh gosh, didn’t know it was so much! 🙂

  2. Kev is a machine!! LOL And I see you omitted yourself from the list 😉 I’m only at 15387! So I’ve definitely got some catching up to do LOL

  3. julia peterson says:

    Billy Wilson said people just write a script to do this in hopes of getting reciprocity?

  4. Thomas Hawk says:

    Julia, there is not script that I am aware of on G+ that people can use to do this. There was an account on Flickr a few years back that was using a script to fave photos but it wasn’t Billy’s. Every single fav and +1 that Billy ever has done has been by hand. He is a machine!

  5. Steve Boyko says:

    I’ve +1’d 17,148 times and there was no script involved… just appreciating great photos and great words.

  6. Niki Aguirre says:

    I’ve done 12,064 apparently. I love giving away candy too Thomas 😉 Just need more online time to catch up with everyone. What an interesting article, thank you for sharing this info!

  7. Sumit Sen says:

    Mine says 74, 996. That looks like a big number! 🙂

  8. Thanks, but I _really_ don’t have 33,000 +1’s. I was commenting on +Louis Gray having that much 🙂