Photo Talk Plus, Episode 4, With Special Guest Trey Ratcliff

Last night we recorded a very special episode of Photo Talk Plus with Trey Ratcliff. Thank you to Trey who offered such a heartfelt candid personal interview about both him and his work. Trey is a very humble individual who spends so much more time promoting other photographers than his own art and work. He’s given so much to the Google+ Community and I enjoyed having an opportunity to really focus more directly on him as a person and an artist.

If you missed last night’s show, I really hope you’ll take some time to watch this episode and get to know a little bit more about Trey. Trey is a good friend and this was one of my favorite hangouts I’ve done on Google+ yet.

Thank you to everyone involved with last night’s show including my cohost Lotus Carroll and last night’s panelists Lili Ana Chris Chabot Brian Matiash (thanks for giving away a copy of onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite) and Keith Barrett.

Thanks also to Keith for broadcasting our show as usual on the Vidcast Network and thanks to everyone who participated in the chat room while we broadcasted. You are the community and are the ones that make Google+ such a great place for photographers.

A special thank you also to our show sponsors Drobo and SmugMug

Check them out here at Drobo and SmugMug.

Thank you also to Chee Chew and everyone on the Google Hangouts team for giving us this remarkable new “On Air” feature that allows us to make these videos available here on Google+ and on YouTube.

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