Photo Talk Plus Episode 3, Broadcasting LIVE at 8PM PST Tonight!!!


Join +Lotus Carroll and myself tonight LIVE at 8PM PST for a very special episode of +Photo Talk Plus.

Tonight our very special guest will be none other than +Karen Hutton (pictured below with Lotus). Karen is an amazing photographer with mad processing skills who will process one of her photos live online tonight in addition to the interview.

In addition to our interview with Karen, well dissect and analyze the top photography related stories of the past week on Google+ with our panelists +Vincent Mo (from Google Photos), +sly vegas Photoshop Pro +Jan Kabili and +Keith Barrett. We’ll talk about Google’s new lightbox view that launched this week with Vincent, as well as discuss popular G+ stories this past week by +Trey Ratcliff +Ivan Makarov +Patrick Di Fruscia and more!

If you missed last week’s show with NASA Astronaut +Ron Garan you can watch that here: It was an amazing episode about space photography and Ron’s amazing photos.

We’re going to broadcast tonight’s episode of Photo Talk Plus in two places — right here in my Google+ Stream with the new On Air Hangouts, as well as on the Vidcast Network with +Keith Barrett

We’ll have recordings after the show available on both Vidcast as well as Youtube going forward.

A special thank you to tonight’s show sponsors +SmugMug and +Drobo (follow them on Google+!!!!) and check them out at and

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