My Talk on My Photography from the @Google Series

I had a great time a few weeks ago giving a talk about my photography as part of the @Google talk series down at the Mountain View Campus. During the hour long conversation I talked about my own approach to photography, how I’ve integrated it into my life, how I’m able to produce the volume of photographs I do while having a day job and family, my project to publish 1,000,000 photos before I die and my project to photograph the 100 largest American cities.

I also comment on the photo sharing space, Flickr, Google+, etc. and answer questions at the end.

Thanks so much to +Brian Rose for having me down to Google.

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  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for a great presentation! Also a good inspiration to those who have a day job and the wrong mentality about not having enough time to get out there and take photos (I’m sadly one of them.) Fingers crossed – I hope you make your million!

  2. JC Dill says:

    Super talk. Thanks so MUCH! Can you share your tools/techniques for how you post 5 times a day? Do you use any special software to stage your photos to flickr and to G+ so that it can then post the shots automatically at the times you want?

  3. Thanks again for the blog post. Really Great.