A Sunday Photo Talk Plus Extra!

In this Photo Talk Plus Extra, Lotus Carroll and I talk with photographers Billy Wilson, Olav Folland, Doug Kaye, Todd Green and Helen Sotiriadis.

In this discussion we talk about Olav’s aerial photography this week and his photos from a Cessna airplane of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We recap Lotus’ San Antonio photowalk yesterday and share photos from the walk.

We talk about a new Christmas based photography series Billy Wilson has started.

We talk about 10 photography based films for photographers to watch and review my personal Amazon.com wishlist for photography related items that I want for Christmas this year. 🙂

We also share the photos of Helen Sotiriadis and talk about some of those.

Todd Green joins us for his very first hangout ever and Doug Kaye stops in and updates on his movie plans tonight. 😉

Towards the end Mark Esguerra joins us, but too late as we already were over the 1 hour broadcast mark.

Braden Carroll makes a brief guest appearance to remind us all that he loves us.

Thanks to our +Photo Talk Plus sponsors +SmugMug and +Drobo Check them out at http://smugmug.com and http://drobo.com.

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