Robert Scoble Interviewing Trey Ratcliff on His New iPad App “Stuck on Earth”

A few weeks ago I jumped the gun (as I frequently do) and published a review of +Trey Ratcliff‘s awesome new app “Stuck on Earth.” This is a brand spanking new iPad app that is probably the single best app for traveling photographers that exists on the market today. It absolutely blows away anything by the likes of Conde Nast or Lonely Planet or the Travel Channel or any of these other attempts at serious travel apps. This app was built and designed for photographers and best of all it’s absolutely free.

It’s a wonderful tool for you to use in planning a trip and seeing both highly rated flickr geotagged photos as well as user curated lists of some of the best photo spots on the planet. I was one of the contributors to the app and contributed the 50 best secret shots to shoot San Francisco.

Above is a video interview by two of my favorite people in the tech/photographic community +Robert Scoble and +Trey Ratcliff (I’m putting +’s in front of people’s names sometimes now because Google+ is so awesome and I want to link to people’s Google+ accounts so that you will follow them there too). 🙂

Also here is Trey’s announcement on the app on Google+ from yesterday as well as a very good conversation about why he built if for the iPad initially instead of Android (even though some Android users are getting pissed about this — both Trey and I are Android users by the way).

Anyways, if you are an iPad user (I bought one just to get this app) GO GET THIS APP HERE NOW!!!

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