Trey Ratcliff Photography Hangout #9

I really enjoyed participating in this video hangout with Trey. 🙂

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  1. Ummm.. yada, yada, yada. Photography is awesome and aint Trey cool. Let’s talk about something important.
    How amazing does Lisa look during this?
    Is she even trying or does she just roll outta bed looking gorgeous like that??
    Thomas, how do you even concentrate with her on the line?
    Of course you were downing glasses of wine like it was about to get banned. (It’s not about to get banned, right?) So maybe that helped steady your nerves.
    Oh, and, yes, photography is great. Carry on.

  2. BTW – at about 14:10 of that hangout – while Lisa is talking ironically about you – your finger goes for your nose and the screen freezes just before entry – I dunno. Maybe it’s just me, but go watch that sequence. Watch it like 10 time in a row. It gets funnier and funnier with each viewing.
    Or maybe its the vodka.

  3. Pradeep says:

    @Thelonious: LOL @Lisa and getting banned! ROTFL

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