Google+ Live Photo Hangout TONIGHT at 7PM PST!

YouTube LIVE Hangout 7PM PST Tonight

*UPDATE: This has been rescheduled for tonight October 7, 2011, at 7pm PST*

Are you on Google+ yet?

If not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Google+ has one of the best communities of photographers I’ve ever seen on the web. You can add me here.

They also have these really cool hangouts.

Tonight we’ll be broadcasting one of these hangouts live at 7pm PST on Trey Ratcliff’s brand spanking new YouTube LIVE Channel.

Come join Trey, myself, Tom Anderson (yep, that dude who started MySpace), Lisa Bettany from TWIT Photos, Gordon Laing from Camera Labs, Jeremy Cowart, Nicole Young, Keith Barrett, and more!

Trey took this screen grab from a live hangout we did a few months back at my place.

It should be a fun time tonight. Hope you can make it!

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