Google I Love You So Much I’d +1 That


Great news today from Google. They’ve opened up Google+ to everyone. It’s no longer invite only. Along with opening it up to the entire world they finished up eight other new features as well — including SEARCH! 🙂 Danny Sullivan has a great wrap up on the new search feature here.

They also added the ability to broadcast and record hangouts which is super cool as well. I’ve done a number of hangouts and they are a fun way to hang out at the end of the day online with a group of 9 of your friends. Because hangouts only accomodate 10, alot of people were left out and not able to watch them. Now that you can broadcast and record them people who can’t get in can at least still watch.

100 features since launching less than three months ago. AMAZING! Why can’t other sites do this?

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team innovate so quickly around a product. It’s refreshing and exciting to see something so innovating going on and it’s been so fun for me being a part of it all as well. I love being able to say that I signed up for Google+ on the first day that it was open as invite only to the public.

I’m especially proud of the vibrant photography community that has emerged out of Google+. So many amazing photographers coming together to share their work visually. I’ve also been so pleased seeing Google embrace and help nurture this new community on their site. Dell and Google+ cosponsored our photowalk this past weekend in Austin and both came through with great prizes for a photo contest. Congratulations btw to our grand prize winner Emma Hollingsworth who took the winning photo with an iPhone! More on that here.

Klout also announced today that they are integrating G+ into their product as well. I hooked mine up a few minutes ago.

I took the above photo of Dave Cohen, Lotus Carroll and Vincent Mo at the Austin City Limits Music Festival this past weekend. It was great to see Google+ out at the festival with a big presence (they even sponsored a stage!). The message was accidental, but I love it.

Are you a photographer not on Google+? What are you waiting for? Sign up today. You can add me to your circle here. 🙂

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  1. Jen says:

    I also hooked up my G+ into Klout. You’re so right. You win the prize with the very best picture about G+ today! I am super excited about today’s big announcement from Google.

  2. D. Lambert says:

    Not quite everyone yet. I quote:

    “Google+ is not yet available to Google Apps users, but we’re working hard to bring the features of Google+ to Apps users in the future. In the meantime, you can use an existing personal Google Account or create a new Google Account with a Gmail address or a non-Google Apps email address.”


  3. Dpeer says:

    Google just announced today that Plus is open to the general public!

  4. Jim Nix says:

    That’s just great! Need to get me a G+ t-shirt. Did you know the “I love you so much” is painted on a wall on South Congress?

  5. Rosemary Michelle Simpson says:

    I’m a hermit, not a social networker, but yesterday was given the responsibility to learn about Google+, report on it, and teach it. What a stunning surprise and pleasure it has been. Google+ is a portal into the integrated Googleverse and gives me new tools and new ways of exploring information and concept structures. It adds my personal structures both to groups of people and to a wide variety of ways to collaborate in exploring new spaces.

    It has really triggered my imagination by being a whole new way to explore emergent information structures. I look forward to a tighter integration with Google Docs (and to significant and needed improvement there as well), and would like to see various tools developed for visualizing and manipulating the meta-level structures I’m building; Circles are now part of my infoverse content and structures.

    Bottom line, Google+ is a platform not just a social network interface. I only wish that Google had kept Google Wave and integrated it into Google+

  6. Yeap. Google knows what people need. Simplicity and freshness with abundance of feature. I indeed lovvve it.

  7. I love being able to say that I signed up for Google+ on the first day that it was open as invite only to the public.moncler jacken online shop…