Why I’ll Probably Switch Back to an iPhone From Android When the New iPhones Come Out

Rumor has it that iPhone 5 will be coming out this Summer/Fall and there’s a good chance that I’ll make the switch then from Android back to the iPhone. I’d owned every new iPhone up until iPhone 4 when I decided to make a switch to the Android operating system last Fall. I mostly made the change I think because I hated AT&T so much, but I’d also heard a lot of good things about Android and wanted to give it a try. After 9 months of Android now I think I’m ready to make the switch back. Here are the reasons why.

1. The iPhone 4 is now on Verizon and maybe iPhone5 will be on other carriers besides AT&T (whose network always sucked when I used it).

2. Updating the operating system on your Android phone is a huge pain in the ass. In order to update my Samsung Galaxy Vibrant from the Eclair operating system to the Froyo operating system (keep in mind that Google’s working on honeycomb now apparently, which is two operating updates ahead of what I just updated to), I had to go through hell to get it done. No OTA for Samsung. No iTunes for Samsung. No, I had to manually find the file somewhere on the web on a confusing website, download it to a Windows machine (yes Windows only), and update my phone through a long confusing process. And this was only *after* Samsung/TMobile were sued!

By contrast, I can trust Apple that any updates available for my iPhone will be easily available to me, making my phone better and better in the future.

3. The stupid little things matter. Apple is really, really, really good about making sure that their devices just work right. They just do what their supposed to do. They’re not wonky or contain little stupid glitches.

For example. Let’s say I’m walking to my office and I have a little battery life left. Presently my Android device automatically dims my display to an unreadable level. This is fine and I can certainly appreciate them wanting to look out for me in preserving what battery life I have left. But… since I’m 5 minutes from my office, where I know I can plug my device in again, I’d just as soon go ahead and use what little battery life I have left for a display that I can actually see. So I manually go into the settings and change the brightness slider to full strength. Then I go back to my phone and start using it again. It stays bright until I hit a web page and then it goes back to the super dim screen. That’s just dumb. My manual setting should stick. But it doesn’t.

Another example. I will plug my Android phone in to it’s charger and the screen comes on. I don’t know why. The screen doesn’t need to come on — but it does. So I hit the button to turn it off — only it won’t turn off, the screen is locked — so I have to unlock the screen, *then* push the screen off button and it goes off. Of course inexplicably the next morning the screen is back on again when I go to get my phone. Did I mention that I have screen burn on my Android phone now?

4. The battery life on this thing sucks ass. With my old iPhone I’d keep it plugged in all day at work. I’d then leave work, use it on the way home, use it at home and when I got up in the morning I always had enough charge to last me until I got to work again where I could plug it in and recharge. Not so with Android.

If I don’t plug my phone in to charge both at work *and* home, I will not have a charge enough for my morning commute the next morning. I don’t think that it’s the phone or the battery that are inferior. I think it’s that the stupid operating system uses power when it shouldn’t be. When I have the phone display off in the middle of the night, there is no reason at all why the screen should come back on (but it does, like to remind me that I have low battery, doh!). The phone should hibernate similarly to how Apple’s does so that when I want to use it again the next morning I can.

5. The fact that I can’t turn off the blaring tmobile dingle sound that goes off really loudly when I turn my phone on or off is terrible. Let’s say I’m at the movie theater. And I now want to turn off my phone. Why can’t I just turn it off without that loud sound? Why won’t Android/Tmobile allow me to disable that sound altogether? Why isn’t there an app for that?

6. Speaking of apps, Android still lags here. I miss using Hipstamtic. Yeah Android has Vignette and some other photo apps, but they aren’t as good. And I’m totally missing out on the whole Instagram thing, which is iPhone only.

7. TMobile started throttling me. When I first bought the Samsung/TMobile phone TMobile wasn’t throttling me. Now they are. It’s simply unbearable. The internet is so slow, I get bitchy and go after them on Twitter constantly and it’s no good for anyone all the way around. I’m not sure if Verizon is any better, but it can’t be any worse I’m guessing.

8. The music player on Android is terrible. I want my iTunes playlists back. It’s so much easier getting my playlists on an iPhone. It wouldn’t be so bad if that’s all it was, but it’s not. The music player on the Android phone is just downright awful. The only way I can make a playlist is to do it on the phone, one by one by one.

9. Contacts are borked. Supposedly people that I put in my Google contacts will autopopulate into my Android phone contact list. Like I said… “supposedly.”

10. The whole ease of use thing sucks. I’m not a phone genius. I shouldn’t have to be. The settings on my Android phone never seem to be where they are supposed to be. Finding things is hard. Navigating the interface takes work. I’m constantly having to set some thing called USB debugging on (which so counterintuitively is under the applications menu, under development, under USB debugging) just to transfer files between my hard drive and my phone’s memory card. It’s stuff like that that I learn to do, but are just a pain. Apple seems to care more about the non-phone developer getting around the iPhone. I shouldn’t have to be an Android developer to know how the settings work or where everything is at.

Two things I’ll probably miss with my Android phone. The GMail app is really good. Also the maps are really good, the way that they interact with Google Maps. Hopefully the new iPhone has a way that I can import my custom Google Maps into the iPhone maps interface. But maybe not. If it doesn’t, this may just have to be something that I have to live with. But a plus for the iPhone is also that I can use it as a remote control for my AppleTV.

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  1. As someone who loves photography, iPhone is awesome because of all the great photography apps. I cannot see myself ever switching to Android for this reason, I ditched my pocket camera because the iPhone camera is so good for that purpose alone.

  2. Adam Jackson says:

    Every time I debate switching to Android, one of your reasons for going back holds me up.

    1. iTunes content
    2. Ease of use
    3. Fast universal updates that come out for iPhone & iPad at the same time (usually)
    4. Consistent UI across all Apple devices where Android is so inconsistent unless you buy only HTC or only Droid or only Nexus One.
    5. I’m not feeling buyers’ remorse every 30 days when a new Android device comes out that’s “OMFG BETTER” than the one I just bought. At least with Apple, I have a 12 month “best phone out” feeling.

    Good luck with the switch!

    Question, do you use an iPod touch for on the go photography given the thousands of camera apps for iOS or do you just use a real camera and keep the Android / iOS device in your pocket?

  3. Mike L says:

    Sounds more like you have problems with Samsung, not with Android. Those settings are not universal and you very well could have had a better experience with an HTC phone for an example. For a super photog like you, iPhone is a great choice, but don’t throw all the babies out with that bathwater.

  4. Anthony says:

    I can see your point. I have android EVO 4G and it glitches all the time. I love Vignette but my GF has iphone 3G and I love hipstamatic so much more, I wont tell her that Im jealous, lol. I love how my evo has an 8 mega pixel camera tho and Im not sure what the iphone5 will have but if I ever switched, Id miss the good quality my evo had. The mapping system is great and I use it all the time because I go geocaching. As for the battery life, I actually bought an extended battery and it lasts 10x longer than it used too. So… I guess Ill wait until the iphone comes out and watch some reviews.

  5. Anthony Tulliani says:

    I can see your point. I have android EVO 4G and it glitches all the time. I love Vignette but my GF has iphone 3G and I love hipstamatic so much more, I wont tell her that Im jealous, lol. I love how my evo has an 8 mega pixel camera tho and Im not sure what the iphone5 will have but if I ever switched, Id miss the good quality my evo had. The mapping system is great and I use it all the time because I go geocaching. As for the battery life, I actually bought an extended battery and it lasts 10x longer than it used too. So… I guess Ill wait until the iphone comes out and watch some reviews.

  6. Farrell says:

    I switched from the AT&T iPhone 4 to the Verizon iPhone 4 and it works much, much better in terms of call quality. Plus, all the same iPhone advantages you described above.

  7. Amy Heiden says:

    I switched from a Blackberry to the iPhone 4(Verizon) about a month ago. I only wish I had done it sooner. I love the choice in photography apps and I have yet to drop a call. I’ve never had service with AT&T, but the Verizon iPhone works incredibly well.

  8. travispuk says:

    I agree with Mike L. It sounds like your Android experience is totally blown by the Samsung device. Whilst I am not advocating you should root your phone, I have to say that the stock Android experience of a rooted phone or say the Nexus S is just sooooo much superior to the OEM phones, Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC all suffer from bloat and annoying things that are not present on stock Android. However there will always be a difference to an iPhone and it sounds to me like that is where your heart is more than anything.

  9. I’m selling more Hipstamatic photos right now than I am from my D300. I’m addicted to it…and to my Iphone. Rumor has it the Iphone 5 will have an 8mp camera. Hipstamatic is #1 on my list for reasons to keep my Iphone.

  10. P says:

    Alot of your issues sound like Samsung issues, i previously had a non-android samsung phone and hated it. 3,4,5,9,10 are not issues with my dell streak5 (and given my usage).

  11. P says:

    Append: for issue 4, you could carry an extra battery or leave one at the office. something you couldnt easily do with an iphone.

    As Dave said, if the new iphone has the rumored sony 8MP sensor. That would be amazing and be reason enough by itself to switch back.

  12. Agreed. Apple does things right. It’s very difficult to beat the ease of use, fit and finish, and overall user experience.

    Also when you get your new iPhone, you can try out my new photo app, Interlacer. 🙂

  13. Double_K says:

    ***Hopefully this won’t be too long, but I’m sure it will***

    You definitely are having some problems. I’ve had a Motorola DROID since the first day it was released and haven’t seen as many issues as you have. Of course no phone/OS is perfect but man you’ve had a bad run. I’ve posted my experiences below. I should mention that though I’m a big Android fan I think the iPhone is an awesome device and in some areas better then Android. I’ve even tried to get my wife an iPhone because as you said Apple is really good at making their devices “just work right”, and that’s what she needs. Anything to get her off that damn “feature” phone so she’ll hopefully stop asking me to looking things up on my phone for her 😉
    1. AT&T Network – No comment on AT&T. I’ve been on Verizon for probably 10yrs now and think their network is great. Only complaint I might have is not being able to use voice/data at the same time. Though that is changing with LTE and to be honest the need doesn’t come up very often.
    2. OS Updates – WOW, that is horrible. Updating my DROID has never been easier. The update arrives OTA and I’m notified. I download it and install it, done! Sounds like a Samsung or T-mobile issue. With the iPhone don’t you need to be tethered to a PC/Mac? The one downside here for Android is that the release of updates to the OS are held by the carrier, who, if they chose to do so, can delay or not release the update at all. With Apple, if there is an update every iPhone gets it, right?
    3. Settings, Screen brightness – Again, this must be an issue with the Samsung phone, not the OS. Any setting I change stay changed. Taking you screen brightness setting, when I change it (which I do sometimes when the battery is getting low) it will stay that well until a make another change. Are you sure you don’t have “automatic brightness” checked? Obviously that would need to be unchecked, but I’m sure you have this set properly. Even though all the setting are reachable via the normal settings menu I installed an app call “Quick Settings” which allows me to get to my most used settings with 1 click. Better then going through the menu.
    Screen comes on – I too notice that when I plug in my phone the screen does come on; I’ve always wondered why this happens – seems dumb to me. But I simply hit the button to turn it off too, but mine stays off. Again, maybe an issue with the Samsung build. I also notice that if my phone is turned off and I plug it in the phone will then boot up…again, dumb.
    4. Battery life – Yeah, not great for most Smartphones. Mine will last about 8hrs before I really need a charge and that’s with it being used fairly often throughout the day. I wish this was better. But again, it doesn’t seem to be as bad as yours, but not too far off.
    5. T-Mobile Start Sound – Obviously that’s on T-Mobile. But I guess it could be considered a negative about Android as the wireless carries can customize the phone anyway they want, this includes crapware etc. When I turn on my DROID I get a animation but I can also turn the corresponding sound off.
    6. Yeah, the iPhone still has more apps. But I’ve found there really aren’t any apps that I must have that are not already on Android. But if you want some apps that are iPhone only that kinda sucks. I’ve also thought Instagram would be cool.
    7. Throttling – T-mobile issue all the way.
    8. Andorid Music Player – Can’t argue with you on this one, is sucks. It does the basics (plays music) and that’s it. I installed DoubleTwist and really like it. I can create play list on my laptop and sync them right over to the phone. There is also a paid option that will allow you to sync your music wirelessly, though I don’t have it.
    9. Contacts – This is one of the things that I really, really like about Android! I put a contact in gmail and within 2-3 seconds its on my phone. I never have to worry about backing up my contacts from the phone because it’s all there in gmail…awesome!
    10. Phone genius – Well I think the layout of settings could be a bit easier. After using the phone for a short time I got the hang of the layout, but every now and then I would find something where I think it should be. Transferring files from my laptop to the phone and vice versa seems pretty simple for me. Just connect the usb cable from the phone to the laptop and a screen pops up and I click “turn on USB storage” and bam, done.
    11. Gmail and Maps – Agreed, very, very good on Android. I also couldn’t live with out the free Google Navigation.
    In the end it sounds like most of the issues you’re seeing have more to do with the wireless carrier and the phone manufacturer, then with the Android OS. But I guess if Google wouldn’t allow the carries to do whatever they wanted to the Phone/OS these issues wouldn’t be as issues. But the ability to do whatever one wants with the OS is one of the things I like about it. For example I’m able to download beta,trial, homemade apps from other sources then just the Android Market. I can’t do that with an iPhone.
    If I experienced as many issues as you have I would probably run from Android as well. It sucks that your experience was so bad. Hopefully when/if you get a new iPhone you’ll have a much better experience, I mean how could it get worse then what you’ve had. These SmartPhones are supposed to make things easier, not frustrate us!

  14. Thomas Hawk says:

    I realize that alot of my problems on my phone might be Samsung’s fault. But see that’s the thing. When I buy an Apple product, I know that Apple will stand by it. Hell, even if I can’t figure something out I can walk into an Apple store and try to deal with it.

    Apple can ensure that the user has a better experience because they own the whole thing from start to finish. hardware and software.

    If Android is so great, but it’s so shitty on my Tmobile Samsung where I have to use it, then how do I know any other manufacturer will be any better. There’s not trust or reliability. With Apple I can trust that the software/hardware combination will work. That’s a huge selling point. Maybe Google should care more about what the manufacturers do with their OS than they do? It’s too bad that Google, for example, can’t pressure Samsung to do the right thing by way of updates to the OS. Or at least make it easier for the consumer to bypass the carrier and get it directly. I’ve looked into rooting before but it just sounds too scary to a non-phone genius.

  15. Double_K says:

    I hear what your saying; that’s definitely a down side to Android being “open”. I guess one way to combat that is to get a “with Google” phone. Those are the ones that are just pure Android with none of the extra carrier add-ons. I believe the T-Mobile G2 is one of those phones. I think Google tried to bypass the carriers early on but that didn’t work out so well.

    Hopefully the iPhone 5 will come out in early summer so you don’t have to suffer too much longer.

  16. Wil says:

    Cool, hopefully this is the last time you’ll bitch about android.

  17. Double_K says:

    It’s kinda funny that the Sprint ad I see on this site right now is showing an Android phone, hehe 🙂

  18. Wil says:

    Btw paid nothing fot my 2 htcs, wife and mine,minus contract, and I have none of your problems. Your review should not be on the droid, but the retarded phone and carrier. Granted the nature of droids quality is questionable, but not every one can afford or need a great music and photo device… I do like the I phone, but I’m comfortable with my great running droid htc…

  19. Ian N says:

    I’m glad I’ve got a Nexus One; none of that carrier crapware, and over-the-air updates directly from Google. I prefer the freedom of Android rather than the warm embrace of Apple. I still can’t use iTunes from Linux, so I don’t have a choice to use Apple.

    Many of your problems, as you know, are from Samsung, or are because of your carrier. Both these are tightly controlled by Apple, which is why it’s so well received. Here in Australia we don’t have long-term exclusives like Apple/AT&T, and our three major carriers coverage is OK.

    I have to agree with your apps issues though. At least you can replace them from the market, or even roll your own without needing Apple’s approval.

  20. Josh says:

    yeah your problem with android is Samsung they do a terrible job with their android phones i mean terrible. your complaint is with Samsung not android.

    to have the ultimate android experience you need to have a phone with vanilla android. such as either nexus device i would definitely recommend one of the nexus devices there is also the Motorola droid for Verizon. I’m not sure what other vanilla android devices there are.

    another tip is to root your android device. the nexus devices are easy to root and most vanilla android devices are as well. The reason i recommend this is you can put custom android roms on your device then and for a iphone fan boy i would recommend a rom called miui


    That is the site for the official release of the rom which is in chinese the guys at google could take a few tips from these guys

    for an english version of the rom head over here


    for a list of the different devices the rom is on go here to download them


    also if you dont see your device listed there there is another site for unofficial devices that the rom has been ported too here


    the reason i recomend this to iphone fans is not because it resembles iphone but because it is a nice clean rom with great features and well organized and well their is no app drawer like iphone all apps are just on the screen. but it is way more feature filled then iphone will ever be and it looks better then stock android.

    also any one who complains about android either has not used vanilia android or went into using knowing they would not like it no matter how good it is.

    android is for tech geeks but also it is easy to use for people new to the smartphone area. iphone is for people who dont really care about hardware and software as long as it looks good and does what they want it to.

  21. Edgar G says:

    I’m glad you replied adding that the problems could be Samsung’s fault. When I first read your story it was a lil upsetting the way you make it seem like all android phones suck. You made it seem like Android is a phone when it’s not. You do seem to be having more problems then the norm though.
    I agree with what DoubleK says. I’m an all around tech lover, no fan boy of any certain brand. I have many Apple products at home and love them. I didn’t want to switch from verizon, so I’ve never owen an iPhone, but played with many. I’ve had my HTC Incredible since launch day, so now over a year and am VERY happy with it. I always recommend iPhones to “non-phone genius” people. I’m a tech so rooting was no problem for me and love everything that comes with it. I’m also waiting for the iPhone 5 before I buy my next phone to see if it convinces me to do the switch, but either way I’ll be happy. Can’t go wrong with going iphone or android I tell everyone that asks me.

  22. Hunter White says:

    I have to say, I have realized that you are one of the few photo bloggers, whom actually blogs.

  23. Mark Forman says:

    Seems Google is going the MS route-just force feed a system into the environment and let the hardware issues fall where they may. Agreed Apple has always been better for the reasons you stated and they charge accordingly…that and be\cause all you Apple fanboiz happy to pay for g33k cool! LOL

  24. Bud Gibson says:

    Personally, I would go iphone IF I could get a phone that didn’t lock me into a particular carrier. Otherwise, no new phone for me of any sort. The part that gets me in all of this is that you wind up having to deal with three entities: the carrier, the manufacturer, and google. When any of those talk about stakeholders, they mean each other, not consumers. Maddening.

    So, that situation has to improve for me.

  25. George says:

    Two things are apparent to me from reading this article,

    1. almost all the problems you mention about android are actually problems with Samsungs interpretation of Android try a HTC, you won’t go back to iPhone 😉

    2. so many of the comments from people about not being able to move away from iPhone sound just like people talking about windows in the late ninties early noughties.

  26. melissa says:

    I have an HTC Desire, and I think the only similar problem we have is the battery life issue. Next time, get HTC 😛

  27. Phanatic says:

    “Apple is really, really, really good about making sure that their devices just work right. They just do what their supposed to do.”

    I’ve gotten to the point where I laugh out loud whenever I read that now, I really do. Whether we’re back in the days of the Apple III (Chips popping out of the board because Steve Jobs insisted on not using a cooling fan? Pick the whole thing up and drop it on a hard surface!), or the first Intel Macbook Pros (So much heatsink compound globbed onto the chips in the factory that they’d overheat relentlessly), or the current generation of iPods, the claim has to be a joke.

    Back in September, Apple forced me to update the firmware on my iPod to 4.0, if I wanted to actually transfer iTMS purchases over to it. Big mistake. In exchange for a bunch of new multitasking features I cared not a single whit for, I got a cripplingly-slow iPod; searches for artists or songs used to be instant-fast, the search results would populate and update as you typed. Now you’d type and wait sometimes *minutes* for what you were looking for to appear. Just navigating through playlists to the point where you could hit ‘Shuffle’ and start listening to music took about 30 seconds. I was about to blow it away and restore it to factory defaults when Apple released 4.1 to address those problems.

    Whoops! Bigger mistake. Now music from the USB output was full of cracks, pops, and other audio glitches, rendering it unlistenable. It sounded like listening to an old audio cassette that you’d left in your car all summer long. In Phoenix. It’s really quite impressive, they managed to take a digital output from a digital music player and introduce tons of analog-sounding noise into it, by dicking with the software.

    They eventually pushed another firmware update to fix that, but the thing’s still dog-slow; not as bad as it was under 4.0, but nowhere near as fast as it was when I *bought* the thing, before they started breaking it with firmware updates.

    “Apple just works” is a bunch of Kool-aid. It doesn’t “just work,” at least not any more than, say, Windows 7.

  28. […] Thomas Hawk Digital Connection » Blog Archive » Why I'll Probably … […]

  29. Kevin Pedraja says:

    So many of the people responding to this post don’t seem to really get what Thomas is saying. Suggesting that he root the phone or go to some obscure Chinese website to download a random piece of software that might or might not fix his problems is exactly the opposite of the user experience he’s looking for. He wants it to just work, right out of the box, not have to spend all sorts of time and energy essentially doing the job that Android’s developer or the phone’s manufacturers failed to do. The iPhone is by no means perfect, but for the vast majority of ordinary users, it is a well-thought out, polished device. Android and Android devices are likely to get better, but right now they still more rough edges than the iPhone does.

  30. Jeff says:

    My friends have the Evo 4, and though it has 3 more MP than my iPhone, the Android phone does not take as good photos.
    My friend and I stood side by side, same light conditions, same time taking the photo, etc. Then we looked at the photos on a big 30-inch screen, side by side, and the iPhone photo was sharper and clearer.

  31. Tommy C says:

    I went back to my iPhone, and left ATT to go to Verion to get a better iPhone.
    Back in Novemver I dumped my iPhone 3G for a Windows phone, not sure why I did it (guess it was for Xbox integration only) but I did. Had the Samsung Focus for about 2 months and dumped it to go back to my crappy iPhone 3G. Back in March, after a weekend of dropped calls and call fails, I drove right over to Verizon, switch to an iPhone 4, new carrier and never looked back.
    There is something about the iPhone that is just perfect. Personally I think it is all the apps, but the whole unit is just so simple that it works. And I like things that work.

  32. DarrenKeith3 says:

    I understand your frustrations with Android. I switched from BlackBerry to Android a while back and I love it. Do I want an iPhone? Now one thing I do miss about BlackBerry is the desktop capability of syncing my contacts. I’m getting the hang of syncing my contacts via GMail but I wish I had a choice of either OTA or desktop. I do hate the fact that I only have 2.2 and not the latest version (that I don’t understand) and I can’t lie in the beginning I was pretty ticked that I was stuck on 2.1 for a while but the saying is, “Be careful what you wish for…you may get it.”

    As for as the apps I think it’s Instagram at fault here. Why is that a closed platform. I dig RetroCamera, Pho.toLab on Android side. I have to admit since upgrading to 2.2 the battery life sucks BIG time on my Samsung Mesmerize. But after listening to Louis CK rant [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r1CZTLk-Gk ] in regards to technology I’ve come to realize I have to take the good with the bad. We have smartphones and not just “cellular phones” which means these phones of ours does so many things so I think rather with an iPhone or with and Android phone the battery is going to drain. I’ve also grown tired of Twitter and Facebook so I don’t have them installed on my phone and by me having PicPlz (which is a pretty cool photo app also) when I post my photos I have the option of having them post to Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter/Flickr so I’m cool with that.

    Now I have to give Apple big time credit because with Apple you have once company creating the hardware and software so that’s a big plus and I’ve come to realize that with Android it reminds me of PCs because we have many companies making the hardware and one company making the OS. I have to also agree with a few people in the comment line here because now that I look back if I have my choice I would have chosen an HTC phone but what made me choose the Samsung was the internal memory (2GB), the 1GHz processor, the 5MP camera (it takes pretty nice photos). With the Android it’s a geeky phone but I’m keeping in mind that Apple has a 4-5 year headstart on Android and I think Android is pretty cool so far. It’s on the manufactors mostly.

    You have valid points with the iPhone and I know down the road I may switch but I’m cool with my phone.

  33. Dldrop says:

    Wow, if I had an experience with my Android I’d probably switch too. I think, in part, some of your troubles may have stemmed from the actual device. I’ve really enjoyed my Driod 2 but I’m not hear to try and sway you, we like what we like.

  34. ryusen says:

    Let me breat thsi down:
    1) I have the Samsung Galaxy S on AT&T and have great signal strength, yet you blame AT&T, for a band antena design in the iPhone
    2) that’s T-Mobile’s fault. The phone and OS are capable of OTA updates. The European Galaxy S devices were updated months before the US ones. The Verizon one was the last one to be updated.
    3) sounds like a glitch in the device, not the way the OS works.
    4) a legitimate complaint with the hardware
    5) T-mo’s fault
    6) actualy Android weakness
    7) T-mo’s fault
    8) actual Android Weakness
    9) sounds like glitch with your device again
    10) sounds like personal preference. i find settings easy to navigate and like that there are more options.

    So of your gripes against Android:
    2 – are actual issues with Android
    1 – is a hatred of AT&T
    3 – are gripes against t-mobile
    1 – is a matter of personal preference
    2 – sound like a glitch in the device.
    1 – is a complaint against the hardware design. that big a screen will suck more battery plain and simple.

    ‘m not saying Android is perfect. It has it’s definate weaknesses commpared to iOS, but most of your issues are not actually problems with Android at all. I’m also not trying to get you to change your mind. Just wanted to point out the inconsistency.

  35. Aaron Eiche says:

    I think your problem is with your specific implementation of Android. I have a Vibrant as well. For all it’s features, it’s failed in a lot of ways and that’s because Samsung isn’t interested in promoting Android, They’re interested in selling phones. I don’t think I’ll go back to an iPhone (I went from a 2G iPhone to the Vibrant) I think I’ll end up going with a Google branded phone. They’re going to spend the time making sure it works the way they want it to, and the way you would expect it to.

    I agree, there are a lots of areas of growth. It took me some time to adapt to Android. I think I’m just now getting the hang of it. There are advantages to Android, I love widgets for instance.

    Anyway, best of luck in your phone adventures!

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  37. Pashmina says:

    I’m hemming and hawing over the whole iPhone vs. droid experience. iPhone wasn’t perfect either. You switched for some reason or other besides just hating the network right?

    Looks like another iPhone isn’t slated to release this summer or any time in the next 3-4 months. Focus of the upcoming announcement is on iCloud.

  38. Jonathan Walker says:

    Another little anoying Android thing, the share functionality. It’s great in one way, have an api that all apps can plug into! When I am browsing a photo and I click share, all the apps that allow sharing (Twitter, Evernote, Gmail, etc….) pop up in a bubble and I just choose! Great….but you can’t customize it and exclude apps from the list so the bubble can get huge and also if the list goes of the top of your screen, it won’t scroll! Superb!

    When you go back to iPhone, I also recommend Camera+, Qbro and Dynamic Light