Hot Box Interview #1 Marc Evans, AKA Clearlight

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Hot Box Uncensored is a new dynamic group on Flickr where a group of photographers play a voting game on photographs. It’s a place to get uncensored feedback and criticism on your photos (some more valuable than others) while participating in a growing online photographic community. It’s only been around a few weeks now, but is one of Flickr’s most active groups and will already pass the 2,000 member mark sometime this afternoon.

In addition to the Flickr Group, there are plans to do books, magazines, videos, podcasts and possibly a major motion picture or photography related theme park at some point.

Today there is also a twitter account and blog where photos are posted along with articles on photography and interviews with prominent members of the group.

The first interview is up this morning with Marc Evans, aka Clearlight.

I’ve known Marc for a number of years now. He does lots of different kinds of photography but has specializes in neon photography and landscapes. Marc is one of the finest neon shooters shooting today and I’ve had the good fortune of both shooting and learning from him as I continue to shoot neon signs myself. He’s also something of a fast food historian with an seemingly infinite knowledge about the In-N-Out Hamburger franchise.

You can check out the interview over on the Hot Box blog here. And if you are so inclined come join us in the group here (but read the rules before you post a photo in the pool).

More interviews are coming so keep checking the blog and twitter account.

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  1. Kielfergen says:

    Heard about this group on another blog earlier this week. A very good initiative! Are there any requirements to participate?

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Kielfergen, nope, come on and join us.