Yahoo Hires Steve Douty to Oversee Flickr (Among Other Things)

Louis Gray is reporting that Yahoo has hired former Hot Mail Veteran Steve Douty to, among other things, oversee Flickr. Douty reports into “Bill Shaughnessy, the company’s senior VP of global product management, who in turn reports to Blake Irving, Yahoo!’s chief product officer, Douty is responsible for product strategy and roadmap to rollout for the products’ current offerings and their future plans, including how they would be monetized,” reports Louis.

Wow, that’s a pretty important job and means that Douty will likely have a great deal of influence over what our “Flickr World” looks like in the months ahead.

Welcome aboard Steve and I hope you are able to accomplish great things with our beloved Flickr.

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  2. Louis Gray says:

    When I spoked to Steve, we discussed Flickr, its reputation online and I brought your name up, of course. Steve is a good guy and I hope he can impact the service in a big way.

  3. Thomas Hawk says:

    Thanks Louis. I appreciate that. There is so much potential at Flickr and so much opportunity to really do something big from a social perspective more broadly speaking there. Looking forward to seeing if Steve can get things moving in the right direction there.

  4. Definitely looking forward to the future of Flickr. Thomas, as always, fantastic work. I try to check our your stream every few days since you’re able to put up so much content.

  5. bob says:

    My impression of American companies is that they are all about making money, not about making good product. Suspect, Steve was selected to make the former happen.

    As a Flickr member and interested photographer I am much more interested in a better photo hosting site, in which direction, Flickr has a lot of room to grow.

    Did a brief search to find if Steve’s background would suggest that he might be more than executive fodder. Couldn’t find his Flickr account. Did find this “” that sort of leads me to believe Steve is into making money.

    It’s too bad, Flickr is what I would describe as a good first generation product that gained a market leading position. It has since failed to progress significantly and has been greatly surpassed but it still commands the market.