What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What's Wrong With This Picture

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There are over 12,000 threads that come up in the Flickr Help Forum for the search term “deleted” What is wrong with this picture?

Flickr users deserve due process before our accounts are deleted without warning.

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4 comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?
  1. Thomas, you should come join us on deviantART where stuff like this doesn’t happen. Sure, DA has it’s issues but you can pretty much rest assured that unless something is stolen, this kind of stuff doesn’t happen.

  2. Gopan says:

    I thought they will change after all those experiences. I don’t think they are blind to miss all these expressions. I honestly wish to see a change from them meanwhile i am going forward with the alternative platform concept. I hope i will be able to give you a beta in a week time