Shadows Find Form

Shadows Find Form

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  1. SteelToad says:

    No Harry, it’s “Diagon Alley” e-nun-ci-ate

  2. Bud Gibson says:

    One could guess Cedar Point (near me in Sandusky, OH), but the palm trees belie that notion. It seems like it has to be something near Miami. These amusement parks have really become packaged deals, like so much of what you depict in your work, yet always with a neat local or personal touch.

    What I’ve become aware of more and more as I learn about digital photography is how you manipulate things like your white balance and shadows. Would love to see a before and after on some of these images.

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  4. Thomas Hawk says:

    Bud, this one was taken in Santa Cruz, CA, with the Santa Cruz Boardwalk in the background. My son William and I spent the entire day down there from dusk until almost midnight. We had such a great time together. At sunset we played on the beach a bit and there was some great light and shadows and silhouette opportunities. 🙂

    I haven’t done much with before and after shots really. Maybe should think about that for the future. Every photo is processed so differently though.

  5. Bud Gibson says:

    Thomas, I should have guessed somewhere in CA, but that would have been too easy. It’s remarkable to me how much elements of the photo resembled Cedar Point (which runs a number of such attractions around the country now).

    I’ve been experimenting with backlit photos and silhouettes lately. The before and after can be astonishingly different.

    I’m really enjoying diving deeper into digital photography. It’s remarkably mutable. We’re in sort of a golden age.

  6. Paul Hodgson says:

    The post work you’ve done here Thomas is excellent…very much like the yellow and green.