My Response to Mozy Dropping Their Unlimited $4.95/Month Backup Plan

More details from Stephen Shankland here. I’ll probably sign up with backblaze later on today. Apparently they are offering a 10% discount if you use the discount code “byemozy”.

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  1. I bet when electricity first came out that some companies sold access at a flat rate for all the juice you could use, then they figured out that was a crazy way to sustain infrastructure.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Daniel, they should bring those all you can eat electricity plans back. I sure as hell could use one. My electric bill was through the roof last month.

  3. Thomas,

    Charging customers for the limited resources that they consume is one of the fundamentally sane principles of our economic system.

    But you could get some solar panels.


  4. Ian says:

    Hi Thomas, I’ve tried Mozy, Backblaze, Carbonite and Crashplan for backing up my Mac online. Out of all of them Crashplan was by far the quickest at uploading and reassured me with their knowledge about FileVault compatibility, sparse bundle backup and metadata – all things I’m geeky enough to worry about. I have no affiliation, just an honest user opinion.

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  6. Kevin says:

    I agree with Ian. Crashplan is by far my recommended. They’re also giving a “Mozy discount”

  7. have had great luck with Backblaze – recommend it highly

  8. JeffPHenderson says:

    Just curious what your ISP going to do when you try to upload 752GB of data all at once to a new service? Most ISP’s have data caps, even if they are not published. I’m not familiar with how these cloud based backup services work. I hope they take data caps into account and upload your data over a period of time to avoid them.

  9. Oh, man. I have over 900gb on Mozy, and there’s no way in heck I’m going to go to their new pricing. I’m paid up there through October, but I won’t be renewing. I would have to pay almost $1000/year to get the same storage.

    I suppose all online storage places will discontinue unlimited storage eventually.

    @Jeff, when I first uploaded to Mozy on my 50Mb down / 5Mb up DSL connection, it took about a month. Obviously, my upload speed isn’t that fast.

  10. JeffPHenderson says:

    Celine, What typically happens is that you upload at your advertised speed, or close to it until you hit your cap, and then they throttle you down to something really slow. Which is why it probably took so long to upload.

    For the prices Mozy is charging, it makes more sense to just go out and buy several 1TB external drives, mirror your back ups on several drives, and keep some on site and some off site.

  11. Raoul says:

    I’ll put in my two cents for CrashPlan. I used CrashPlan+ for a while, and it was blazing fast upstream, it didn’t throttle like Mozy (see this). And the best part is that you don’t even have to use CrashPlan+ if you don’t want to. You can back up to another computer off-site, or to a friend’s or parent’s hard drive, which is a godsend. As long as your bandwidth and storage media can handle it, you can back up terabytes of data, which is what I’m doing, all the way from Romania back to the US and vice-versa. You want real off-site backup? I’ve got it, on two separate continents… 🙂

  12. Julie B. says:

    Well, goodbye Mozy, it was nice knowing you. What bothers me the most about this is that their ads were obnoxiously hammering home the unlimited nature of the service. This isn’t a price change, this is a fundamental shift in their business model — without any regards to the current users. I feel scammed by these guys now. I’m not even totally sure I buy the argument because hard drives and storage have become so much cheaper the past few years. They could be ramping up capacity and applying those savings to their other costs, no? Hmm. Either way, I cancelled just now.

  13. Chris S. says:

    I love the 12 days notice that Mozy gave me to pay $70+ per month for my 615Gb that I back up under their new plan.

    Thanks for the good times Mozy and I hope this bytes you in the ass.

  14. Sdot says:

    Soon as I backed everything up this happens. I bet the CEO kills hookers.

  15. joey says:

    After 2 months straight of uploads to Mozy I found out via Twitter about their “switch”. I deleted my backup, canceled my account (only 2 months into a year subscription) and signed up for 4 years of Crashplan.

    Why Crashplan? I use external drives and needed the option to back these up. Carbonite does not give this option. Backblaze does but once you disconnect the drive you have to remember to connect it within 30 days or the back up gets deleted.

    According to the response I was given by Crashplan, they will not delete a backup of a disconnected external drive so long as I do not uncheck it in the Crashplan desktop software. Now I can back up my Aperture libraries, disconnect that drive and put it in a safe place while another copy is in the cloud.

    Here’s hoping that Crashplan doesn’t pull a Mozy. Ah 3.8 months left with my backup.

  16. Shrike says:

    Another vote for Crashplan. It works for all reasonable operating systems, actually has unlimited space. Plus you can copy data between your own computers & your friends computers for free, copy to USB drives for free.

  17. David says:

    I’m adding my voice to the CrashPlan chorus. I use CrashPlan’s software to backup locally and to an external hard drive at someone else’s house. Total cost: nothing but the hardware. And with CrashPlan, you can seed your backup locally before moving the hard drive to the off-site location (whether that’s your friend’s house or CrashPlan’s servers) so your initial backup won’t take months to complete.

  18. jrdnfoto says:

    I use backblaze, there business model capitalizes on having cheaper HDs being built, they even will teach you how to build their backup storage severs. I can upload around 20-25 gigs a day pending on individual file sizes.

  19. Perrin says:

    Yep- I am; well was until today, a Mozy customer. When I canceled my service today they said (via online customer chat) I would be good with unlimited data until this time next year when my renewal came up. I told them since I was going to have to look for another online backup provider I might as well start now and to cancel my account now, and to please note the reason why I was leaving- “no more unlimited data”. I had two accounts and have been a customer, paying yearly, for about three years.

    on a side note the person (or robot) on the online support chat was very helpful.