Flickr Nukes LEGO Group

Politics as Usual

The Flickr Censorship Division must be working overtime this week. The latest comes to us courtesy of The Brothers Brick, a blog devoted to, well, of all things, LEGO.

Apparently they had a successful little group on Flickr devoted to all things LEGO. According to the group’s creator and adminstrator he went on to his Flickr group Jan 29th only to find that it had been deleted by Flickr. He’s not sure why, but best he can tell Flickr deleted it because someone had posted a thread in the “leaks” thread about LEGO products. Rather than contact him and try to resolve whatever issue there may have been with LEGOs they just simply nuked their entire group. No warning, no explanation, just KAAABOOOOOM!!!!!! Sayonara LEGO boy.

From “The Brothers Brick”:

As the creator and an administrator of the group I was first in line to hear about it if something had gone wrong. I’d heard nothing. Over the following six days I’ve pieced together what happened. In LEGO 16+ we had a thread for leaks. All discussion in the group was only available to members of the list and one of those members had reported this thread to TLG. They had taken their usual action (lawyerly email) to flickr and Yahoo! (who are directly responsible for these issues) had decided to simply delete the entire group. Not the thread, not the links but the entire group.

I wonder if adults playing with LEGOs might have somehow violated the Flickr don’t be “that guy, you know, that guy” rule, that don’t be creepy rule?

Check out my lego set on Flickr here. Please flickr don’t delete me for having a LEGO set.

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  1. Gopan says:

    flickr is being that guy, they must be knowing that guy

    I think cyber censorship should be discussed in wider domain for long term solutions.

  2. Pacdog says:

    Thomas? You always keep me on my toes to what flickr is up to. thank you. I do wounder why you do not expand your talents to bigger projects. I mean Flickr has been dying for years and your talents could be used for larger issues. Your a great voice for freedoms of the photogs, but you need to look higher! You do! Your diss w/ Filckr is small time. Yahoo bought them out. Take on Yahoo! you make me want to do a million net March on Yahoo. Hell make it a billion! =o)

  3. Thomas Hawk says:

    Pac doggy dog. We need a better social photo site to come out. As soon as it’s out I’ll jump on board with the rest of ya. Until then I’m afraid we’re stuck with Flickr. It does get tiring. Yahoo might not even be around a year from now.

  4. Jeff McNeill says:

    Isn’t there an alternative to Flickr? I love Flickr but I am scared for my image collection and community… Need a plan B.

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  6. Shame on you Yahoo..shame on you…

    Please stop this sort of “Totalitarianism” from your side.

    Might is not always right.

  7. Nit Picker says:

    I hate to nit pick but this one gets me. Everything reads better if the terminology is correct.

    It is not Lego, is is LEGO.

    There is no such thing as Legos – oh except for the pasta sauce.

    I’m sure LEGOs is ok for plural but please get the caps right.

    Thank you, that is all,

  8. Thomas Hawk says:

    good point Nit Picker. Fixed that in the post. 🙂

  9. I’m getting annoyed with this Flickr issues, although I ha no problem whatsoever. Every time I read something like this it reminds me that I have to find a “plan B” of Flickr…

  10. hp says:

    Who cares, the world is full of flickr like sites!

  11. Clive says:

    Nit Picker – I’m not so sure about the LEGOs. LEGO is LEGO. I don’t see how it can have a plural or a singular.

    I buy some LEGO. You have more LEGO than me.

    It’s like milk, food or courage.

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  13. JM Kraemer says:

    I happen use Picasa via Google for my photo hosting needs. Been using them for several years now since the near end of Brickshelf.

    -The Lego Church Project

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