Tagerator for Flickr is Awesome!

Tagerator for Flickr is Awesome!

Are you Flickr OCD like I am?

I’ve been playing with a new app that software developer Jeremy Brooks (the developer of SuprSetr) has built over the past few weeks. Like SuprSetr (which allows you to manage your flickr sets by tags) Tagerator is one of the strongest new tools to help you manage and organize your flickr photos and sets.

You can get Tagerator here.

Tagerator analyzes your entire flickrstream and then returns to you a list of all of the tags that you currently are using on flickr.

Why is this helpful?

Well for starters you can make fun things like the tag cloud that I’ve posted above. It gives people an idea about what your photography is about from a weighted tag perspective. But I’ve found it useful in a lot of other ways as well.

Tagerator allows you to sort your tags on flickr from most used, to least used. By doing this you can get great ideas for new sets that you haven’t made sets for on flickr yet. You might notice that the tag mannequin, or neon, or graffiti, or San Francisco, or whatever has a lot of tags but you haven’t made a set for it yet. This can help you come up with cool new ideas for sets. I noticed that I had 129 of my photos tagged “Pike Place Market,” but didn’t actually have a set for that on my flickr account. Well, now I do! Thanks Tagerator!

Also by looking at your lesser used tags, I found that I’d misspelled a lot of tags. For instance, I have one photo tagged “dinosuar.” This tool helps me identify my misspelled tags and go back and fix them. If you click on the tag it takes you right to search page in your stream for that tag, so you can easily go and fix misspellings. With over 50,000 photos in my own stream, I’ve been able to find dozens of tags that I and others have misspelled, by fixing these tags I make it more likely that my photos will come up properly when people are searching for my photo (as well as makes me look a little more literate than I might be otherwise).

By the way, if you make lots of sets like I do? You’ll probably notice that it sucks that flickr last year started paging your sets on Flickr. Now when you or someone else goes to your sets page they only see your most recent 30 sets. There is a nice hack and workaround though that you may want to bookmark for looking at sets on Flickr. If you add the string


after any set URL, it will show you all of that user’s sets, not just the most recent 30.

If you want to check the hack out on my sets page, you can see all 1.436 of my flickr sets on one page here.

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