Flickr Launches Suggested Users Page and Facebook Friend Finder

Flickr Suggested Users

Flickr today released a new suggested users list. You can go here and Flickr will show you some people it feels like randomly that have common contacts with you. They show you 8 names and then you can click to “refresh your recommendations,” to get some more.

I tried the page myself and clicked on refresh your recommendations several times but didn’t find anyone especially relevant that I felt I needed to add. Most of the suggested user pages that I’ve tried on other pages usually don’t feel very accurate either — with the exception of Twitter, which I find regularly suggests very relevant tweeters to me.

The above screenshot shows what the new feature looks like.

Flickr Suggested Users2

As part of this new suggested users feature, Flickr also launched the ability to check which of your Facebook friends are on Flickr that you currently are not following. I tried this feature out several times as well but it seems to be borked (see above). I’ll try it again later.

Some have suggested that there may be privacy concerns with opening up your Flickr accounts to all of your facebook friends without authorization by default. If you are concerned about this privacy issue there is a method to opt out of this service and hide your flickr account from facebook here.

I think a suggested users feature is a good thing for Flickr. I do worry Flickr could be blacklisting certain members from being recommended (like they do with their Explore). The randomness of the presentation makes it difficult at this point to determine just how or why they might/could be blacklisting certain members for suggestion.

There is a feedback post in the Flickr Help Forum (where I’m still permanently banned) here — Flickr blog post on the new feature here.

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  1. Bowman! says:

    Every time it refreshes – it gives me 8 Andertho’s to choose from… weird…

  2. 美国原装的,用途广,动力足。

  3. Thomas Hawk says:

    Bowman, maybe Flickr is trying to tell you something.

  4. Jeff Milner says:

    Just so you know, it recommended that I add you — so if some users are being blacklisted, at least you’re not one of them.

  5. Morten Hoff says:

    Although the contact suggestions may appear random, it looks like it’s based on common contacts, which you will see when you follow the “More people you may know” link. This approach works pretty good on Facebook or LinkedIn, where contacts are mutual and most often based on knowing each other in real life, but apparently not so well on Flickr where you add contacts because you like their stream and they don’t have to confirm you as a contact.

    I tried the Facebook search last night and it worked pretty smoothly, I found a couple of FB contacts that also had active Flickr accounts.

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