Digging the New Twitter

Digging the New Twitter, Plate 1

When I logged into Twitter this morning I noticed that my account had been integrated with the new version of Twitter. It’s my understanding that Twitter is rolling this out to everyone over time. Everyone may have it by now, or maybe my turn just turned on for my turn this a.m. Whatever the case, I’m really digging the new version.

Above is a screen shot which what a flickr set link looks like in Twitter now. In the past if you pasted a link to a photo or a set on Flickr it would just be a text only link. Now you can actually expand the tweet and in the right pane a rich media panel shows up detailing your flickr photos visually. That’s very slick. Sets especially are rich, with the ability to actually watch a mini slideshow version of the set right on Twitter itself.

I’m not sure yet if there is a way to automatically push daily Flickr uploads to your Twitter stream, or what this might even look like, but I’m really enjoying the ability to manually post more media rich links to Twitter.

I did use the tool on Flickr to link my Flickr/Twitter accounts, but I think this is more about giving me a special email address to tweet mobile flickr images than it is to auto publish my images like I have done in the past at Buzz or Friendfeed.

Digging the New Twitter, Plate 2

Geotags on photos it would appear now can also be included now on photos on Twitter. I haven’t exactly figured this out yet and am not sure if it will happen automatically on flickr geotagged photos or not, but this second screenshot of my friend @Troy (who works at Twitter) shows a recent photo of his dog @JPG’s account (who is now tweeting too) which shows what the geotag embed looks like.

One of my chief complaints about Twitter over the years as a photographer is that Twitter never did photos all that well. While sites like FriendFeed and Buzz provided a richer visual media experience, Twitter was always all text based and I never felt it particularly did a good job showing off photos. This new Twitter design though is pretty massive in terms of improving the visual appeal of Twitter for both myself and I’d think other photographers.

I’m actually using Twitter more and more these days based on some of the great new features like this that they’ve been rolling out. I also love their recently launched suggestions feature — which is probably the best suggestion feature I’ve ever seen on any site on the web. I’ve found Twitter suggestions to be far more spot on in terms of suggesting new people that I might want to follow. Ever since they launched this feature it’s been daily serving me up fresh and relevant suggestions on who I should follow. Many of the people are people that I was completely unaware I wasn’t even following. By contrast suggestions on other sites like Buzz have been far less relevant for me.

Congrats to Twitter on the newtwitter. It’s a great new improvement to the site.

You can follow me on Twitter here.

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  1. Jamaipanese says:

    still haven’t gotten access to the new Twitter yet, I can’t wait! Cool writeup!

  2. troy says:

    Great write-up, TH! I’ll share this with the #newtwitter team. Keep in mind this is the first iteration, more robust features are in the pipeline. @ded & team did a great job with the Flickr integration.

    @almondbutterscotch: From what I understand, Flickr, Twitpic, YouTube, etc views in the side tray should yield a page view on the original content page.

  3. Dustin Diaz says:

    Hi Thomas,
    “When I logged into Twitter this morning…”

    I added my entire photo list yesterday as a nice surprise 🙂

    Regarding those Flickr sets since I wrote that particular integration, we do in fact include a slideshow which has a full screen view… so I’m not sure how much better it could be than that.

  4. John Piercy says:

    Hi TH … this is a great look for twitter and with so much new media being distributed , it will make it easier to follow someone and there photography .. I havent recieved the new twitter .. but Im even more excited now ..

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