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Golden Gate

I tested out this morning, a new free stats package that uses the Flickr API and was pretty impressed. Developer Guillaume Le Roy developed the app that offers in many ways more complete and robust statistics than Flickr offers natively. At present Flickr only offers Flickr Stats natively to paid Pro accounts.

In addition to seeing some of the basic view/fave/comment information that you can already get from Flickr natively, digs a little bit deeper to give you more metrics on internal referrals from Flickr. For instance, you can see all of your groups and see how many views each group is generating for you. I suspect a lot of people add their photos to tons of groups only to find their photo quickly buried and getting no attention. In my case, for instance (see above), you can see that only 11 of my groups generated any views at all on Flickr in the past 28 days.

Golden Gate also analyzes your Flickrstream to give you a top 10 list. The top 10 photographers you are faving/commenting on and the top 10 who are faving/commenting on your own photos. I think it would be interesting if this page went even deeper than the top 10. also gets around the Flickr 28 day limit on your stats. At present Flickr only allows you to see stats data on your most recent 28 days of photos. With you can log in regularly and it will maintain a deeper history for you to reference later on.

Overall I was pretty impressed with what delivered. For the super active Pro Flickr user, this would seem to represent an even deeper view of your Flickr Photostream. For the more casual free Flickr account users, this would seem to be a way to get stats out of Flickr without having to pay to upgrade to Pro.

Golden Gate

The software still is a bit buggy in my opinion. It’s actually been around a few months now, but today was the first day that I was able to get it to analyze my own account. I’m not your typical user though and with many more photos/faves/etc. than the average user I don’t think the app is optimized as well for the super heavy Flickr user like me.

There is a Flickr group dedicated to this project here.

Sure to be even more controversial, is also compiling a “most popular” sort of ranking list of Flickr users based on the data that it is collecting and analyzing.

Although I didn’t blog on this yet, another perhaps even bigger development in terms of online photosharing stats, is that last week Picasa, Google’s photosharing site, announced support for Picasa in Google Analytics. I linked my own Picasa account to my Google Analytics account last week and it is interesting seeing the same sort of data that I get for my blog on my Picasa account as well.

Update: It would appear that does not work for free Flickr accounts, only Pro Flickr accounts. 🙁 Bummer.

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  1. Capelight says:

    Thanks for the link via Titter. Enjoy your buzz!

  2. “It would appear that does not work for free Flickr accounts, only Pro Flickr accounts.”

    I think free Flickr accounts don’t even have their stats available on-site.