Extra Super Cutie, Too Young, Gone Too Soon

it's only too clear
it’s only too clear, by Extra Super Cutie

In 2008 I was approached by a reporter at the NY Times who was working on an article on the new art of Flickr. She asked me for the names of a few photographers who I thought best represented the emerging artistic talent that was coming out of the site. One of the names that I gave her and who was ultimately included in her article was Extra Super Cutie — a tremendously talented photographer who has over the past several years put out a strong consistent stream of emotionally fueled confessional imagery.

Earlier today I was informed by her best friend that Extra Super Cutie passed away while sleeping last night. This is such sad news. She was a young photographer who used color and focus to create so many different moods. She would take her work in so many different super creative directions, and always with such rich feeling. She had a love for music and cameras and the tangible things in life that you could touch and feel and taste. You could feel it in her photographs. Her photos always were personal and you’d feel her pour her heart and soul into each and every new image she’d create and publish.

Extra Super Cutie had a lot of online admirers. She was active on Flickr and Zooomr and especially most recently on FriendFeed. As much as she’d share her own work, she was also a wonderful curator who loved sharing not only her own life but the creative output of so many others she admired.

it’s so, so sad that she is gone. She was taken much too early. She was so young. She will be missed. I don’t know any other details about her passing but will post them here if/when I learn more.

Goodbye Carlotta Fancypants.

Update: Extra Super Cutie was very active on FriendFeed especially. Here is a thread started yesterday there by Michael May where many in that community are also expressing their condolences.

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  1. Marc Evans says:

    May The Four Winds blow her safely home…

  2. Johnny Worthington says:

    Such very sad sad news.

  3. Oh no… how terrible. She was so very talented, and seemed like a lovely person from the bits of interaction I had with her on Zooomr. I especially loved her work with the little robots. Everything about her photography was fascinating and unique, and I learned a lot about photography from viewing her work. Rest in peace, Carlotta.

  4. Jeremy Brooks says:

    That’s so sad. I introduced her work to somebody just yesterday. She will be missed.

  5. John Piercy says:

    Such a talented artist .. my sincere condolences to her family and friends ..

  6. Chris Nixon says:

    I’m completely shocked. Heartbreaking news.

  7. This punched me in the gut when I read it. So sad.

  8. Eternal rest grant her, oh Lord. Let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul rest in peace through the mercy of God. Amen. (+)

  9. Bob Towery says:

    Didn’t know her but still sad for everyone’s loss. What a talent. A strong reminder to Live Today. Best thoughts to those close to her.