Victoria Kolakowski, The Unethical Choice for Alameda Superior Court Judge, Vote No on Kolakowski

Vote No for Victoria KolakowskiJust had my son’s baseball game interrupted due to plea for help by Victoria Kolakowski, apparently she’s running for Judge in Alameda County and she just lost my vote for sure.

1. I expect that when I put my phone number on the do not call list that politicians respect that. (Yes, I know that those crafty bastard politicians are legally exempt from the do not call list, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t abide by it voluntarily).

2. To show so little respect for me, my time, my wishes tells me that a candidate has no interest in the things that are important to me. They have no interest in representing me.

3. It’s even worse when they don’t even have the decency to have a real person call you, instead using a robo dialer and recorded message.

4. On my cell phone.

5. On a Sunday during my son’s baseball game (while he was batting actually).

Join me and thousands of other Alameda County residents in voting “No” on Victoria Kolakowski. Together we can take back our right to not have intrusive unwanted phone spam.

Update: Vicky Kowlakowski responds on Facebook:

“I am sorry that you were inconvenienced. I was told that the phone numbers were obtained from the voter files from the county. Those are public records with information provided by the voters on their voter registration forms. As you know (you mention it on your blog link), the Do Not Call list does not apply to political calls, and it appears that you listed your cell phone as your contact number with the county, which is why you were called at that number. I apologize for the interruption of your time with your family – that was never my intention, and the timing was contrary to my instructions.”

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  1. Victoria Kolakowski says:

    I apologize for the interruption to your time with your son. My campaign consultants were instructed not to send these on the weekend, which I am told was passed along to the vendor.

    However, they tell me that the phone numbers come from the county voter registration files provided by the voters. Is it possible that you listed your cell phone on your voter registration form? If so, then I recommend that you re-register and don’t list your cell phone number. If not, please let us know, and I’ll inquire further.

  2. Zak Nyberg says:

    I agree with your frustrations, and the only part that seems your fault is even looking at your phone while your son was batting. You don’t have to, you know…

  3. Thomas Hawk says:


    What difference does it matter where the phone number comes from? Isn’t this inmaterial? The number is on the “do not call list.”

    Why won’t you respect people’s wishes not to be harassed by solicitations like this from you? Do you not care about the wishes of your constituency? Why won’t you abide by the “do not call” list and people’s desire to not be bothered by people like you. It’s an intrusion.

    What is your cell phone telephone number?

  4. Lou says:

    I love how you repeatedly ask her for her cellphone number. Win! 😀

  5. Scott says:

    Thomas, I love her response, it doesn’t answer whether this is ethical behavior or not, it merely asserts that what was done was legal.

    I love politicians, they’re all the same.

  6. Craig Damlo says:


    I have never trusted the Do Not Call list, since it is run by AT&T which is the largest telemarketer in the world.

    But beyond that, I can’t believe these stupid politicians: 1) out source their calls to a consultants and 2) they use robocallers. How stupid are her “campaign consultants” that they thought a prerecorded message would be appreciated by possible supporters rather than a frank discussion with a real person.

  7. Jerry Donnegan says:

    Been following this a bit and trying to “get it.” My understanding is that politicians are not only exempt from the DNC list, but that they do not have access to it at all. Only those required to use the registry have access. I have friends at FCC and FTC and will verify.

  8. Ben Long says:

    I would put your phone on silent next time.

  9. Jess says:

    Andrew, why are you so whiny and indignant about everything? God.

  10. Jacquie Propps says:


    A simple call from a political campaign that has every right to call you (since political campaigns are exempt from the “Do Not Call” list). See #28 at: for more information.

    You’ve littered this candidates facebook page with your rantings. I think this is about more than just being slightly inconvenienced by a cell phone call during your son’s game. What exactly is your problem with Ms.Kolakowski’s campaign?

    PS: If it makes you insane to get phone calls from people or campaigns (who are in their legal and ethical right) to do so during games, PUT YOUR PHONE ON SILENT OR TURN IT OFF.

  11. Thomas Hawk says:

    Jacquie, I’ve responded to you on Facebook, but will here as well.

    Just because somebody legally *can* do something does not mean that they *should* do something. Nor does it mean that if they do something that they shouldn’t do that there might not be consequences to it.

    The question isn’t whether or not Vicky is within her legal rights to robodial. She *absolutely* is within her legal rights to do this. She would also be within her legal rights to put on a KKK outfit with a sign that says “I hate America” and march up and down Broadway. This is not the point we are arguing here.

    Contrary to Vicky’s disingenuous argument that because she actually *likes* being robodialed, it’s ok for her to do it, most people (and especially people on the “do not call” list) do not like being robodialed. Obviously we, the citizens of the United States, feel strong enough about robodialers more generally speaking that laws have in fact been put in place to stop this sort of activity in the corporate space. Note the Alameda District Attorney going after one such robodialer for $900,000 just this last week (article from San Jose Mercury News: (Again, for the 100th time, I *KNOW* that Vicky is within her legal rights to do this.)

    The question is *should* Vicky campaign this way. I would argue that she shouldn’t. That the ethical thing for her to do would be to not bother people with robodials — but especially people on the “do not call” list. She could voluntarily choose to do this. But I doubt she does. Because like the status quo politicians who exempted political candidates from the “do not call” list in the first place, her own selfish political ambition is more important to her than what her constituents really in fact want.

    I’m being authentic here. I’m calling her out on something that she should not be doing. I don’t know if Vicky has kids or not. But if she was watching her son play baseball or her daughter’s ballet recital and had forgotten to turn her cell phone off, or didn’t want to turn it off in the case of an emergency call, I’m sure she would not be pleased getting a robo dial blasting at her to vote for this or that candidate. Nobody does.

    What if I told you that my phone was on because my mother was in surgery in the hospital and I was waiting for news of when she was out of surgery? Is my desire for privacy from her unwanted calls less important than her blind political ambition?

    Vicky blames me for putting my number on my voter registration card. Shouldn’t we feel free to provide our phone number on our legal voting record without opening ourselves up to intrusive robo dialers? You blame me for not turing my phone off. It’s my phone, my space, my Sunday afternoon with my child. The attitude from you guys is to just deal with it, work around the inconvenience, because, well, it’s just too damn important a thing for Vicky to mass robodial Alameda County.

    You are right, this *is* about more than my being slightly inconvenienced. I consider myself an activist, a grass roots activist. And an activist who stands up for what is right. Who believes in using what influence I have garnered over the years in social media to try to make the world a better place, one situation at a time. This is one of those situations. I sincerely believe that the world would be a better place if more candidates actually *voluntarily* chose to skip robodialers and to respect the “do not call” list.

    So I’m using my own beautiful fully *legal* democratic free speech rights to hopefully influence Vicky into making a pledge to abide by the “do not call” list in the future. It’s the right and ethical thing to do.

  12. Shaun Dakin says:

    Great post Thomas:

    Yes, it is amazing that politicians, particularly ones running for judge, decide that existing law doesn’t apply to them.

    Why? Because it is inconvenient. They don’t like this law so they decide not to comply, knowing (wink wink) that other politicians won’t enforce the law either.

    Imagine if they decided that the DWI Law was inconvenient to them?

    Here is a quote from a CA member in the last week about why this law has consequences (Regarding Meg Whitman’s illegal robocalls)

    This letter is to advise you that you are in violation California Public Utilities Code Sections 2871-2876. This week alone I have received 2 Robocalls from your offices on a line dedicated to my AICD (Defibulator and Pacemaker). The use of robocalls is clearly outlined in California Public Utilities Cod Sections 2871-2876. This violation of the PUC rules has been reported to AT&T and the PUC. Continued interference with my medical line will result in a law suite as well as a campaign to notify all Californians how little regard you have for the law. Based on these violations I will not vote for you as obviously you do not have the best interests of Californians in mind, only self promotion and greed for power. As a disabled veteran I fully intend to bring up these violations as well as the recorded messages you have left on my machine during the next Northern California Viet Nam Veterans meeting. This phone # is unlisted, blocked, and on the government do not call list, none of which is required to stop your violation of the PUC rules. I pay for this medical line. It was specifically installed for my medical needs, the need for my ACID pacemaker Defibulator to report to the VA Hospital and the hospital to leave me messages. NOT FOR YOUR POLITICAL AMBITIONS! You will not receive my vote.


    Shaun Dakin
    The National Political Do Not Contact Registry

  13. Ray says:

    Why did you even answer your phone when your son was about to bat!? If you have issues about that call, you might think about turning your phone OFF when you are spending time with your family in such settings. Sure we all really hate robo-calls, but it is part of how elections are done, don’t blame her for your inability to ignore a ringing phone.
    just a thought.