The Computer is Your Friend

The Computer is Your Friend

I’ve decided to start a new project. This project is going to be called “The Computer is Your Friend.” The project will work like this. Everytime I get some sort of error message or find that I can’t do something on my computer that I want to, I’ll screenshot it and add it to a new set that I’ll host on Picasa.

Once I get 2,000 of these or 5,000 (I’m not sure yet), I’ll try to set up some sort of public installation that cycles the error messages and other screenshot warnings, etc. through an installation loop on Plasma displays. The image above is an example. It’s one of the more interesting error messages I’ve come across from the site Hype Machine (my favorite music site on the web). I’m not sure how long this project is going to take me. I’ll probably have a better idea in the weeks ahead. Of course how much time I spend on my PC vs. my Mac may have something to do with the time it takes to complete the project as well. 😉

I’ve got the first 11 screenshots up now. Many more error messages to come in the weeks ahead.

This project is inspired by watching all of the excellent screenshots that Chris Messina regularly posts to his Flickrstream.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    On your Mac: Cmd-Shift-4 then Spacebar then click on a window to take a clean screenshot of a window without extra pixels around the edge.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t want to be rude, and I like lot of your pictures, but if you really think that’s a good idea I can’t help thinking you’ve lost the plot.