Photographers are Flocking to Google Buzz

Photographers are Flocking to Google Buzz

Yesterday my Pal Justin Korn posted a simple query to Google Buzz asking people to post to his Buzz if they were a photopgraher and on Buzz and so far over 100 different photographers have posted to his thread. It seems like photographers are flocking to Google’s latest social network and for good reason. Here’s another view of many of these photographers from Justin’s blog.

Buzz displays your photos much more elegantly than they do on Flickr. As you upload your photos to Flickr, or Google’s Picasa (where I’ve started getting more active myself), your photos are imported into Buzz as a stream of nice looking large sized thumbnail images. But here’s where it gets better. Click on an image and Buzz loads up the image’s full large size, in all it’s glory. I don’t know about you, but I love looking at images really big *much* more than I enjoy looking at the medium sized 500 px default that Flickr shows. Rather than have to leave the page that I’m on (like on Flickr to see an image big) I can instead just advance through the images with the keyboard one by one.

Each image includes a link back to flickr/picasa where if I want to I can click on the link and it will open that image in a new tab on my browser to go fave or comment on or do whatever I want on flickr/picasa.

While you are on Buzz you can “like” a photographers import, or comment on it, or whatever. I’m finding that Buzz is every bit as social as a site like Flickr is for photographers and am having some really great conversations about my own work. If you are a photographer, come join us.

Are you a photographer and on Buzz? Then definitely post your info to Justin’s thread above. Are you a photographer and not on Buzz yet? What are you waiting for, come on over, the water’s nice. It’s another great place to showcase your work. Even if you don’t have the time or inclination to spend time socially interacting on Buzz, you still might want to at least link it up to your Flickrstream so that people that want to follow your work on Buzz still can.

If you’d like to follow my stuff on Buzz you can find me here. I’m going to be very active on Buzz in the days and weeks ahead.

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15 comments on “Photographers are Flocking to Google Buzz
  1. Bob Towery says:

    Tom, could you comment on this thought of mine…

    I’m glad you like GB and it’s cool you already have a following. Wouldn’t you rather all these people came to your blog and commented?

    I guess it isn’t too much hassle to load up (yet) another site with your images. But now you have a couple of places to maintain, respond to, etc.

    Is it that you want to interact with the other Buzzers and you just wouldn’t get them to come here to your blog?

    Interested in your thoughts, thanks for the time. Bob.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Bob, I find Buzz, far more interactive than my blog. I think because others can share there content easily there that more of a community forms around that.

    There’s a community around my blog as well, but not as robuts and instantaneous as Buzz. Personally I don’t care if the conversation is happening on Buzz or my blog. I just like that conversation is happening. I’ll go wherever the conversation goes.

  3. Dennis says:

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