Announcing the DMU Book: Save 10, The Lightbox Collection

Announcing the DMU Book:  Save 10, The Lightbox Collection

Last night the Deleteme Uncensored group on Flickr published our first group book together, Save 10, The Lightbox Collection. The 80 page 8×10 landscape format photography book features 75 photographic plates by 40 different DMU photographers. All of the photographs included in the book were voted by the group into the Lightbox and include a wide range of photographic subjects, genres and styles. Two of my own photographs are included in the book. This is the first time that I’ve published any of my own work in a book before.

The book is self published through Blurb publishing company. We are selling the book at cost to anyone who would like to buy a copy. Soft cover copies are $24.95 and hardcovers are $35.99 and $37.99 depending on whether or not you want a dust jacket cover or an image wrapped cover. You can see a preview of some of the pages of the book as well as order a copy of the book here.

This project was personally exciting for me to be involved in for a number of reasons. DMU is where I consider my home on Flickr. The photographs included in the group were first culled out by the group through the voting process and then further refined down to choices made by the photographers themselves. Most significantly though, I like the new democratic direction in general that fine art photography is taking with self publishing. 10 years ago an effort of this scope would have involved a large outlay of money up front in order to see the project completed. I’m also excited about being able to self publish future volumes of work like this in the future. This is the first volume of what I hope will be others to follow.

Thanks to all of the DMU photographers who participated in this book and a special thanks to Ivan Makarov, who did most of the work on putting the book together.

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  1. Ivan Makarov says:

    Agree with you on self publishing. I was just listening to Chase Jarvis podcast yesterday and he was talking about this very thing, how we don’t need a permission from anyone today to get our work out, in any form we want.

  2. This book is really motivating!

    I’ve wanted to set out for quite some time, and shoot a series of themed photos. This could easily be made into a nice “fine art” photo book.

    It’s also quite a nice looking book, TH (and others). Well done.

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  4. Mark Welsh says:

    I was just thinking the other day why don’t you publish a book. Congrats. I think thats an awesome way to start.

  5. Shivanand says:

    Wow! That is awesome. Just a thought. You might want to mention that the prices are set to cost. This might be not of that much interest to DMU’ers, but others who visit this site might be interested in that.

  6. wc says:

    didn’t you guys put something out with MagCloud also?