Flickr Begins Censoring Content In India

Flickr Begins Censoring Content in India

Over the past couple of days Flickr has quietly begun censoring content viewed by people using Yahoo IDs coming from India. Flickr user crazydude2006 found this out the hard way when he noticed that he could no longer see photographs by many of his contacts or groups that he previously had been able to view.

Flickr staffer Criz responded to his question with the following:

“As you are coming in from a Yahoo! ID in India, and we just localized our site to India, you won’t be able to view moderate or restricted content.”

This now adds India to the list of countries that are unable to view content rated moderate or restricted on Flickr in addition to Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea. Additionally users in Germany cannot view content rated restricted.

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  1. zozo says:

    So, next time I need porn from Flickr, just logout. isnt it?

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