Podcast Interview I Did With Cameradojo

CameradojoI had a blast last week as a guest of the Cameradojo podcast talking about my photography, my workflow, and especially my own personal goals and ambitions with my photography last week. Kerry Garrison and David Esquire host the show and do a great job at what is really more of a long conversation than an interview. Really appreciate you having me on the show guys and looking forward to catching up in person the next time I’m down in Orange County!

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  2. Bakari says:

    Great interview, Thomas. You’re inspiring because I’m nearly finished with three photo projects that I’ve worked on for over a year that go beyond the wedding photography I do. Two projects included daily photo shooting and the other included 100 street portraits that I’m nearly finished with (btw, like the $2 portraits that you do. I usually give a homeless person a buck or two if I take their photo.) So yep, getting out and shooting on a regular basis really helps.

    But I’m now finding it difficult to continue the photo per day project, and I was wondering how much do you travel to get your photos? I’m mainly stuck in Sacramento, and I’m always looking for opportunities to shoot, but it seems like I’ve done about as much as I can with Old Sacramento and few other photogenic spots in the city. So are most of your photos near where you live or do you travel a lot to get photos? Do you even travel a lot in S.F. or do you just take shots when you’re running errands, etc. I heard in the interview that you shot like 3,000 photos in Chicago, so is that pretty normal for you? Does your day job allow you to travel a lot?

    I really think I need to get back into the photo per day shoot because if I don’t, I find that I get lazy and I don’t get anything posted for a while.

  3. Bakari says:

    Thanks, Thomas for responding back. It’s pleasing to know that both of us are thinking along the same lines. Of course, I would much rather shoot in the Bay Area than in Sacto anytime. I and a friend of mine did a brief shoot in China Town (http://www.flickr.com/photos/bakari/sets/72157617116084685/) a few months ago, and it was way beyond what I’ve experienced here Sac.

    Also, I’ve talked briefly with my wife about possibly taking some weekend trips for photo shoots. I plan to do the Scott Kelby photowalk in Santa Cruz this year, but I would also like to find a way to do some quick, cheap get-away weekend trips to some photogenic hotspots outside of Sac or even Calif..

    Anyway, you’re an inspiration, and I definitely plan on revisiting your site.