NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Goes After New York Camera Rip Off Stores

Back in November of 2005 I posted a widely circulated blog post about Brooklyn Camera retailer Price Rite Photo. Price Rite Photo had tried to bait and switch me on the purchase of a new Canon 5D and then threatened me when I objected. My blogging helped provide a lot of publicity against these scam artists. The Good news is that this publicity helped get Price Rite Photo shut down as well as national mainstream press about the problem. Subsequent to that I’ve blogged about a number of these other shady retailers including Broadway Photo who was named today in an article over at the Consumerist about the New York Attorney General finally going after these scam artists.

According to the Consumerist, the NY Attorney General’s office announced recently that it has closed down two stores completely, fined seven different shady retailers a total of $655,000 plus $100,000 legal fees, and forced more stores to overhaul their work practices with future monitoring.

More details from the NY BBB here.

The complaint by the Attorney General pretty much accurately described my own experience with Price Rite Photo back in 2005.

“Attorney General Cuomo’s investigation revealed that these seven companies would advertise consumer electronics, such as cameras, camcorders, projectors, and related accessories online at prices significantly lower than their competitors to induce consumers to place orders via the internet. Once an order was placed, the companies would call consumers and try to sell them additional or “upgraded” merchandise at inflated prices. If the consumer refused to purchase the additional merchandise, the companies would cancel the sale or claim the item was backordered for months. If the consumer did agree to purchase the additional merchandise, the companies would send them lower quality merchandise than what was promised, or merchandise that the consumer never ordered in the first place. When customers tried to return the items, they would either be denied or be slammed with undisclosed fees. “

Good work on the part of the NYAG.

Thanks, Eddy!

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  1. Tim Solley says:


    I’ve been hoping for years that someone with authority would take some serious action against these stores.

    Of course I have to wonder if reputable stores like Adorama, B&H, and Amazon are cringing a little bit. After all, I, like so many others have only shopped at these three retailers because I know I can’t trust others. I’m sure plenty of business has flocked their way thanks to fear of these other slimeballs.

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  3. Garzoha says:

    Good to hear enough people complained about this and these scumbag stores are being shut down. I filed a complaint about 2 years ago against one of them when I was buying a $2000 camera and they were calling trying to sell me the battery for an extra $150. WTF?

  4. Mike Panic says:

    Finally, I can’t believe it took this long.

  5. TranceMist says:

    Good to read that substantial action has finally been taken against these crooks. Thanks for putting this up.

  6. Fotoblur says:

    I never understood why NY was a major hub for shady online camera shops. I guess the reason is they’ll open back up under a different name in a few months.

  7. That is crazy. I’m glad you were able to be apart of shutting these broken companies.

  8. JM says:

    The sad part is that Broadway Photo, which has been notorious for being scum for YEARS are still advertising in Pop Photo, Outdoor Photographer, as well as many other magazines. I don’t know how many times I have emailed these magazines informing them of the dregs that work at these places. ANd, how can Popular Photography, who’s offices ARE IN NYC not know? Come one! Now the folks who the AG should also go after as well are the ad sales folks at these major publications who have been doing a tremendous dis-service to their readers by taking ads from Broadway Photo, as well as others like Jersey photo and such.
    I guess money talks.

  9. fotogirl says:

    Sweet! I just bought a camera from Broadway Photo, and they sent me a import, without a Canon USA warranty, I told them I did not want a warranty from them, I want a USA camera, with a USA warranty. They hung up. Calling the Attorney Generals office today.

    Those f’ers.

    How are they still in business? I noticed now they are LLC.
    See the wwww.newyorkbbb.com website. They have many names, phone numbers and addresses as aliases. This needs to be known!

  10. fotogirl says:



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