Update: Kakul Srivastava is Out As Flickr Chief, Douglas Alexander Now in Charge of Flickr

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A few weeks back I reported here about layoffs that were taking place at Flickr. Om Malik broke the story originally later adding an update, “we’re hearing that further changes at Yahoo’s Flickr are going to be announced shortly, including exits of some senior/director-level people.”

Well, at least one of the senior/director-level people out at Flickr this time around just might be Flickr Chief Kakul Srivastava. On Friday Kakul held the number one spot on the “about Flickr” staff page but over the weekend her name and avatar were removed from the official “about flickr” staff page. While there certainly could be another explanation for having her removed from the official Flickr Staff page, it does leave one to wonder what exactly has happened to her at Flickr. Interestingly enough, Flickr Staffer Paul Lloyd also seems to have leapfrogged two other Flickr staffers on this org chart and now holds the new number one Flickr staff spot.

Flickr has gone through a number of significant staff layoffs or resignations over the past six months or so. In addition to the high profile departures last year of Flickr Co-founders Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, the following employees, a number from Pre-Yahoo, are no longer listed on the Flickr team page:

Kakul Srivastava
Eric Costello
George Oates
Cal Henderson
Serguei Mourachov
Ana Zavala
Rev. Dan Catt
Do Kim
Kathleen Watkins
Ashot Petrosian
Sara Wood
Dee Adams

Update: Just received an email back from Kryssa Guntrum at Yahoo:

“After serving as GM of Flickr, Kakul Srivastava is transitioning to a new role developing social product strategy across the Yahoo! product portfolio. Douglas Alexander, senior director of Flickr business development will step into the GM role. Since joining Flickr in 2006, Douglas has played a key role in working with Kakul and the team to help grow Flickr into one of the world’s largest photosharing sites.

Both Kakul and Douglas report directly into Bryan Lamkin, senior vice president of Applications products. Lamkin most recently served as SVP and GM of Creative Solutions, Adobe’s largest business unit, comprised of Adobe’s flagship software applications, including Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, the Creative Suite, Dreamweaver, Flash and Illustrator.”

So this change in management of Flickr has nothing to do with any new layoffs at Yahoo. Welcome to Douglas Alexander as the new Flickr Chief.

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