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Thomas Hawk on

Recently Adobe contacted me about the way that I use their products. I’ve been a long time user of Photoshop and Bridge and last year made the jump to Lightroom 2.0 as well. I’ve been super happy using Adobe products and feel that they are some of the best tools around for processing my photographs. I was pleased when they asked me if I’d like to be included as an Adobe Success Story on their website at

I worked with Laura Thurman from Big Sky Communications to put together the story/bio. Adobe didn’t pay me any money or compensation for participating in this project. I just felt like doing it because I thought it would be good exposure for me and I am a real true to life satisfied Adobe customer and user and am happy to share that experience with the rest of the world.

I’ve also been pleased with Adobe’s outreach to me as a blogger. When they launched Lightroom 2.0, their PR team arranged for Tom Hogarty at Adobe to give me a personal tour of the new product before the launch that allowed me to put together a pretty good review of the product on launch day. I was pleased to see that they considered my blog as press along with the more traditional mainstream media outlets which were also briefed on the launch.

Anyways, I’m pleased with the Success Story that they put together, you can find it at here. Thanks Laura and Adobe for putting this together.

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  1. Keith says:

    Great write-up, Thomas! Some much-deserved recognition, and an amazing story (not new to me, but surely will be to many).

  2. John Piercy says:

    Congrats on the Adobe news and the continued success in your photography TH . Your an inspiration to many . Good to see your hard work finally being recognized .