NYPD Issues “Photography is Not a Crime” Reminder Order to Cops

Grand Central Station
New York’s Grand Central Terminal

The New York Post is reporting that the New York Police Department has recently issued a department operations order reminding their officers that photography is rarely unlawful.

From the Post:

“Faced with complaints from photographers and tourists alike, the NYPD has issued a department order reminding cops that the right to take pictures in the Big Apple is as American as apple pie.

“Photography and the videotaping of public places, buildings and structures are common activities within New York City . . . and is rarely unlawful,” the NYPD operations order begins.

It acknowledges that the city is a terrorist target, but since it’s a prominent “tourist destination, practically all such photography will have no connection to terrorism or unlawful conduct.”

On my most recent visit to New York I had no problem with shooting, but on a previous visit I was asked not to use a tripod in Grand Central Terminal and also was told by a police officer that I could not photograph the trains as they were coming and going from the tunnels.

There have been other reports though of police hassling photographers in the past in NYC.

I was pleased to see in the Post’s article that the New York ACLU has twice sued the NYPD over prohibiting photography. It is nice having the ACLU as an advocate navigating the legal issues around photographer’s rights.

Thanks, Jennifer!

My Reflections on Manhattan photoset here.

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  2. Chessa! says:

    Ah…great to remind them. I posted this article when you first blogged about it. I was yelled at in Grand Central Station just the other week. Just your basic “camera away. no photos, Miss.” I am so used to it at this point that I was just happy that he called me “Miss” and not “Maam”.

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