New User Interface Coming to FriendFeed

The Incredible Scoblehulk
What does this photo of Robert Scoble have to do wth the new FriendFeed UI? Well, not much, but they do have a pair of Hulk gloves at the FriendFeed office and since I didn’t have any photo manipulations of Scoble as the Hulk already, I thought now was as good a time as any to make one.

Earlier this evening FriendFeed gathered a small group of journalists, bloggers and users at their headquarters in Mountain View, California to demo a new beta user interface that they plan on releasing very shortly. The details of the new user interface are still private with an embargo on the news. According to FriendFeed Co-founder Bret Taylor, the embargo is put in place to make sure that when people write reviews about the new interface that it will coincide with the actual launch of the beta enabling FriendFeed users to try the new site out for themselves.

I’ve been a big fan of FriendFeed for the past six months or so. I’ve been a pretty heavy user and at least for me FriendFeed has replaced both my former RSS Reader, as well as Twitter for the most part. I’m also finding that I’m browsing a large chunk of my Flickr views through FriendFeed as well.

Specifically with regards to photography I’ve found FriendFeed amazing. I’m consistently finding really great photography related content to blog from FriendFeed as well as am seeing some of the best new work on the web today. If you’d like to check out some of FriendFeed’s photography I’d recommend this filter of posts mentioning photography with 5 or more likes. You also might be interested in the previous article I’ve written on how to use FriendFeed with Flickr here.

This was my first trip to their Mountain View offices and when I arrived I was surprised at how small their offices and staff are. Presently the FriendFeed team consists of 11 employees, most coming from Google. It was nice finally being able to put names and faces together.

Paul Buchheit, Fueled by BrawndoAnaFriendFeed Conference RoomFriendeed Demo

As part of my visit I was able to take quite a few photographs of both the FriendFeed staff, their offices and some of the other press/bloggers being briefed on the upcoming launch. If you’d like to see my photos from yesterday’s briefing you can click through here.

I can’t really get into details about what is in the new release, but at least at first glance I liked it alot. I’ll be writing a more formal review on the new release once the embargo is lifted.

If you haven’t signed up for FriendFeed yet you definitely should. If you’d like to follow me on FriendFeed you can find me here.

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8 comments on “New User Interface Coming to FriendFeed
  1. Phill Price says:

    I think there’s meant to be a link through to TH’s set which is here…

  2. I’ll have my video up on Monday. It’s longer than an hour, they covered a LOT in that time.

  3. I hope they’re incorporating the ability to pull in an opml file for subscriptions. That’s the one of the few barriers to me migrating my feed reading into friendfeed. Too little time to do each individually.

  4. Gabie says:

    I thought this was really some green color mix here-but it brought you out perfectly Scoble!