Oakland Police Memorial Service Draws Thousands of Police From Around the United States

Berkeley PD-2

On Saturday, March 21st, 2009, four Oakland Police Officers were killed in the line of duty. A Memorial Service was held in Oakland at the Oracle Arena on Friday March 27th, 2009. Thousands of Police Officers attended the service from all over the United States. The Arena was filled to capacity and overflow attendees watched the service from closed circuit televisions at the Oakland Coliseum next door. The service was broadcast on major Bay Area television stations live. The text below is taken from the Memorial Service program:

“The men and women of the Oakland Police Department would like to thank everyone who has reached out to us during this sorrowful time. The loss of a single officer is tragic; losing four officers is overwhelming. This devastating event will forever change the lives of the families, friends and colleagues of our four fallen comrades. It is in times such as these that we realize the importance of community, family and friends, and we are grateful for the incredible outpouring of support the people of Oakland, the state, the nation and the world have shown us. We appreciate the countless cards, emails, flowers, acts of service, well wishes and prayers that have been sent our way. Sergeant Mark Dunakin, Sergeant Ervin Romans, Sergeant Daniel Sakai and Officer John Hege will be forever missed and remembered.”

Chief Howard Jordan

Trust Fund Information

Individual donations for the families can be mailed to c/o OPOA:
Attn: Renee Hassna
555 5th Street
Oakland, CA 94607

Checks should be made to the following:

“Dunakin Children’s Family Trust”
“Romans Children’s Family Trust”
“Sakai Family Trust”

Wire transfers can be made directly to Merril Lynch Accounts:

“Dunakin Children’s Family Trust”
a/c #204-04065

“Romans Children’s Family Trust”
a/c #204-04066

“Sakai Family Trust”
a/c #204-04064

You can view my photo set of images from today’s Memorial Service here.

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  1. Bob T says:


    When I view the images – the cops aren’t displaying much emotion. Maybe save PD-6. I don’t see much sadness, or anger. Do you think that is just them – being cops, being strong? What was the mood like?

    It is a sad day for sure. You have writen numerous times on crime in Oakland, seems kind of prophetic now. I lived and worked in and around Oakland for nearly half my life. Times have been worse, times have been better. But this is such a human tragedy for all thsoe involved.

  2. Titus Taylor says:

    I was there. Certain photos really don’t sat the entire story. I have worked for OPD for 25 years and it wasn’t until the Officers and family talked about the men that you really saw adult, strong, confident Police officers break down and cry. Some had to walk out and come back in 10 to 20 minutes later to try to compose themselves. I personally took about 140 photos and doing that helped me to focus on something else but the heaviness was definately there.

  3. Don Yount says:

    I was there shooting for a local news agency and also brought my children so they can appreciate the magnitude of this event and appreciate how well respected and loved our Law Enforcement community is. I have previously worked in Law Enforcement and was brought to tears and can appreciate the pain and hit our Law Enforcement community must feel. –

    Don Yount