DeleteMe Uncensored

DeleteMe Uncensored

Earlier today, the only group where I am really active on Flickr DMU was sabotaged when one of it’s administrators made everyone an administrator in the group.

This was done after an argument between admins over the nature of what an uncensored group on Flickr ought to be about. Some of the admins in the group wanted to begin censoring it.

DeleteMe Uncensored was the first uncensored group on Flickr. The idea was to play the game of DeleteMe (where people vote on photographs giving photos either a vote of "save" or "delete"). In that game if you get your photo saved 10x before you get it deleted 10x it goes into a special collection of images.

The catch though is that the game would also be uncensored. Uncensored meant that people can and will say ruthless things when critiquing your photograph that is submitted. Uncensored also meant that people can say anything they want in the threads of the group. Even very, very unpopular things.

An uncensored group is not for everyone on Flickr. Some people do not want harsh criticism on their photos and some people do not want to take part in a forum where people swear and sometimes say truly offensive things. It is not for the thinned skin. On the other hand some of the best political discussions, some of the best fine art discussions, some of the best discussions concerning the news of the day or just random mischef and mayhem took place in that group.

Today I started a new DeleteMe Uncensored group. This was done in order to replace the old group which had been deleted.

I’d like to invite you to join the new group. This new group will be where I spend the vast majority of my group time on Flickr. Be warned that this group is an 18+ group. That means that if you want in you will need to ensure that your account on Flickr has been set to allow you to see restricted content.

Hopefully over the course of the next week this new group will fill in and pick up where the old group left off.

You can join the new group here if you’d like to participate.

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  1. Jake says:

    Good luck TH. Really. Hopefully this next experiment will be as successful as the first.

  2. Paul says:

    Oh, is that why I got banned from the group, even though I only joined out of curiosity and never actually posted anything?

  3. Ken says:

    Same here. I guess this explains what happened.

  4. Ulrich says:

    It should be added for completeness and correctness that actually it a group for 18+ except Germany. Adults from Germany can not participate.

    ..or did this change more recently..?

  5. Please_Delete_me says:

    Once more you don’t declare that you’re CEO of Zooomr, you used too but don’t any more, why?

    And why did you delete my last comment asking this question? Don’t want to answer it or just censoring me?

    I had a look at your new group on Flickr, you’re greeting each new member personally, posting constantly for the last few hours. And yet youve not posted in the groups or greeted new members to zooomr the site your a Chief Evangelist for, for months and months. We’re still waiting for the ability to delete our own accounts!

    Priorities much?

  6. Thomas Hawk says:

    Please_Delete-me, I didn’t delete your previous comment.

    Zooomr’s groups are not conducive to the way that a group would need to be set up to effectively run the DM Game… unfortunately. They could be and may be in the future, but they not today.

  7. TranceMist says:

    I was wondering why I got banned, when I’ve had no activity there for months. Silly.

  8. TranceMist says:

    This is like that scene in the Beatles movie “The Yellow Submarine” where the sucker sucks itself out of existance.

    DMU just deleted *itself* 😛

  9. SquidVicious says:

    It feels really go to get some real critique on a photo, some can be a little Bullshitz though. It makes no sense when someone just comments, love it. Is it so hard to say why you love it or anything that has value? nope. It will be fun to be involved in this more then DMU1. I got a little confused but for some reason I pulled my own head out of my ass and figured it out…. doh.

  10. flatsol says:

    I got a notice that I was BANNED, and that confused me. I wondered if it was because of inactivity. Did the group actually get dissolved/deleted??