Photographers Criminalised as Police ‘Abuse’ Anti-Terror Laws

Photographers criminalised as police 'abuse' anti-terror laws – Home News, UK – The Independent:

"'The car skidded to a halt like something out of Starsky & Hutch and this officer jumped out very dramatically and said 'what are you doing?' I told him I was photographing the building and he said he was going to search me under the Anti-Terrorism Act,' he recalled.

For Powell, this brush with the law resulted in five hours in a cell after police seized the lock-blade knife he uses to sharpen his pencils. His release only came after the intervention of the local MP, Simon Hughes, but not before he was handcuffed and his genetic material stored permanently on the DNA database."

More madness from the Photo Police. Photography is not a crime.

Thanks, Gary!

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  1. Imran Anwar says:

    Woe be the person who happens to be Muslim or has a beard taking photographs. Terrorism wins by making us and our governments behave like Big Brother. Thanks for the news.

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  2. Was the knife against any law ?
    Were they doing ANYthing illegal?

    I think most likely not. That’s so scary
    That they can pull you off the streets
    and take your DNA for the crime of being “different”

    I wonder if there is somethig harmless you can drink
    That will make DNA unreadable for a period of time.
    Would be hillarious.

    It almost that bad in the U.S., hopefully our new pres won’t be so aggresive against our constitution and maybe the U.K. can then slow down from it’s winning game of being the leader in that aspect.

  3. I’m guessing the detention was really about the knife, not the photos. Lacking guns, thugs kill each other with knives over there, giving rise to rather draconian laws about carrying a knife.