One Blogger’s Perspective of the Oakland Riots Reportback From The Oscar Grant Protests/Riots.

I’ve been pretty carefully following various news reports and blog reports following the Oakland protest and riots this week. I thought this post by Richard at was a particularly well written heartfelt first hand report of the scene on Wednesday night.

“So yeah, at this point I think i’m about ready to head back home now. I see friends Bea and Inez, and tell them that I have seen enough for tonight, and that i’m going home. A young sista overhears me, and says with a half joking voice “you should give me your candle then.” I turn and look at her.
“Do you really want my candle?” I can see that she has been crying all night.
“Blessings.” I reach out and give it to her, and she looks into my eyes and smiles in a way that warmed my whole soul.”

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