JPG Magazine Shuts Down

JPG Magazine: Blog: JPG Magazine Says Goodbye

It’s always a sad say when you see a great photography magazine shut down. Unfortunately though printed media is just getting harder and harder to effectively monetize in a new digital world. JPG tried to combine both the digital and the print worlds in order to come up with a truly kick ass magazine — and that they did.

I was continuously impressed by both the quality of photos inside as well as the actual print quality of the JPG publication.

The magazine’s editor Laura Brunow Miner has a good-bye post here.

A couple of threads discussing the closure on Flickr here and here.

The New York Times reports on the shutdown here.

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  1. Is it completely impossible for a professional print publication to make the switch to online-only?

    I find it hard to believe that a well-done, professional publication that had something of value to offer on a consistent basis could not find the audience it needed to 1) charge a subscription fee, and/or 2) collect advertising/sponsorship revenue. By combining some mix of those two revenue streams, it should be possible.

    Is it an issue of old-school print people not being able to get a grasp of an online-only reality? Is it that advertisers will not spend the necessary money? Would no one pay a subscription fee for an online publication, no matter the quality?

    It seems like too many print publications are going down without actually trying to adjust their vehicle (print vs. online) while sticking to their core competency (publishing content).

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