Original Joe’s Mulling New San Francisco Location

Tenderloin Original Joe's

From today’s SF Chronicle:

"Joe’s special: Looks like we have a bit of a family split over where to reopen the San Francisco landmark restaurant Original Joe’s, the eatery that served as a meeting place for swells and workers, priests and politicos, judges and jurors, cops and criminals alike until it burned in an October 2007 fire.

The family just settled with the insurance company, but can’t seem to settle on where the rebuilt restaurant will go.

Patriarch John Duggan is leery of reopening in the Tenderloin and is pushing for a new location.

Wife Marie and son John Jr., however, are firm in the belief that Joe’s will only be Joe’s at its original digs at Taylor and Eddy streets, where Marie’s father, Ante Rodin, opened it back in 1937.

We’ll keep you posted."

My Original Joe’s Set on Flickr here.

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One Comment

  1. Wayne says:

    Oh man. Joes burned? Closed? May be moving? I don’t get to SF very often, and don’t know my way around very well, but I know how to find Joes and look forward to lunch there whenever I visit. It’s GOTTA be there next time I am. It’s too good.