An Interview With Wolf Camera on the New Canon 5D Mark II, A Thomas Hawk Exclusive

New Canon 5D Mark II Interview With Wolf Camera, a Thomas Hawk Exclusive

The names have been partially redacted to protect the innocent.

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…

You have been connected to Carol XXXXXX.

Carol XXXXXX: Hi Thomas Hawk! Welcome to live help at

Thomas Hawk: Hey Carol. How’s tricks in Clevland?

Carol XXXXXX: Can you please confirm name and address on the order?
Thomas Hawk: sure thing. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX, San Francisco, CA 94111

Carol XXXXXX: Thank you.

Thomas Hawk: You’re very welcome Carol.

Thomas Hawk: Hello? Carol? You still there?

Carol XXXXXX: Yes Thomas.

Thomas Hawk: whew. Thought I lost you there for a second.

Carol XXXXXX: Everything is fine with your order and the item that you have order is in back order.

Thomas Hawk: back order you say, bummer, I was hoping to have this camera by Christmas.

Carol XXXXXX: And we are expecting this item to be back to stock in another 1-2 weeks or even earlier then that.

Thomas Hawk: one to two weeks? Aye Caramba. Even though this is a preorder?

Thomas Hawk: It seems like everybody else on the interwebs are getting Canon 5D Mark II’s for Christmas except Thomas Hawk, what gives?

Carol XXXXXX: Yes this is a pre-order.

Thomas Hawk: right.

Thomas Hawk: So originally I pre-ordered this puppy because Chuck Westfall said they’d be shipping new 5D Mark II’s at the end of November.

Thomas Hawk: what happened with that?

Carol XXXXXX: Well we do not have much information regarding this but once the item will back to stock it will shipped out to you as soon as possible.

Thomas XXXXXX: Ok, but before you guys told me that you anticipated shipping on Dec. 4th. Do you think that this is more Canon’s problem or Wolf’s?

Thomas Hawk: obviously it didn’t ship on Dec. 4th of course, I’m just saying. That’s what date you all gave me before.

Thomas Hawk: sounds like we may need to get Jerry Yang involved over there to straghten things out around there.

Thomas Hawk: Do you shoot with a Canon by the way, or do you think Nikons are better?

Thomas Hawk: hello Carol, you still there?

Carol XXXXXX: Actually, both the cameras are beast.

Carol XXXXXX: ” best”.

Thomas Hawk: beast? Haha, are you sure you don’t mean beast? That 5D is a beast to lug around, but I love it anyways. It takes good photos of the kids and all you know.

Thomas Hawk: So what do you say, what happened to the Dec. 4th ship date?

Thomas Hawk: I really wanted to have this puppy by Christmas. I’m heading down to Los Angeles to shoot a bunch of neon signs and I’d much rather be shooting them on a new 5D Mark II than my lousy old 5D if you know what I mean.

Carol XXXXXX: Yes I do understand your problem Thomas.

Thomas Hawk: It’s a pickle of a problem I’d say.

Thomas Hawk: Who should I blame more, Canon or Wolf?

Carol XXXXXX: Its not a Wolf problem because we are depended upon our manufacturer.

Thomas Hawk: Exactly. That’s what I was thinking to myself while you were typing. That and I was wondering if I was going to go with bacon or sausage with my hot cakes this morning. I blame Canon. I’m sure we wouldn’t be having these sorts of problems if Jerry Yang was running the show over there.

Thomas Hawk: But you guys told me you anticipated shipping back on Dec. 4th. What happened with that date?

Thomas Hawk: I chose bacon by the way in case you were wondering. Bacon ROCKS!

Carol XXXXXX: We are sorry for all the inconveniences caused to you and sincerely apologize on this.

Thomas Hawk: I appreciate that Carol.

Carol XXXXXX: Thank you Thomas.

Thomas Hawk: So I’ve got to wait another 2 weeks for this baby? Seriously. I wanted to do a blog review on it but by the time I get it everyone will already have one and I’ll look lame for being the last guy to get one and write about it, no, Thank YOU Carol, seriously. 😉

Thomas Hawk: Two weeks is a long time in internet years Carol. Plus, you guys already told me once, (not your fault, I’m just sayin) that this camera would be shipping on Dec. 4th and we all know what happened to that date. How do you know I’m really going to get the camera now in the next two weeks? Maybe this baby won’t show up until April.

Thomas Hawk: Have you seen what they’re going for on eBay by the way, it’s criminal!

Carol XXXXXX: Really I am sorry for all the inconvenience that cause you Thomas.

Thomas Hawk: I know, it’s rough. I like your picture on the little “live chat” with a customer service rep button by the way.

Thomas Hawk: So anyways, back to the point, what makes you so sure I’ll have this camera within the next two weeks?

Thomas Hawk: Hey also by the way, what do you think is a better service Twitter or FriendFeed and you’re not allowed to so that they are both the best like you did about Canon and Nikon.

Carol XXXXXX: Okay Thomas, I cannot assure you the exact time as this item is not in stock.

Thomas Hawk: But the two week thingy, is that from the manufacturer or just a guess mostly?

Carol XXXXXX: Yes it is the estimated time given by our manufacturer.

Thomas Hawk: yeah see that’s the thing, just that Westfall guy says end of Novemeber. And *then* you guys say Dec 4th (totally their fault) and now your saying *two more weeks* Jimminey Christmas! I may not see this thing until Spring Break. And you never answered the which service is better FriendFeed or Twitter by the way.

Carol XXXXXX: Well, if you are interested in Nikon then you can go for Nikon as this camera is also one of the best camera and customer top rated camera.

Thomas Hawk: YES! Carol. I like the way you think. I mean this whole Canon not getting here by Christmas thing could be a *huge* coup for Nikon wouldn’t you say?

Thomas Hawk: I mean, I’m sure lots of frustrated bloggers are out there that Canon doesn’t give two licks about. Maybe it actually is time to make the old switcherooski to Nikon. I think they’re at least better than the Sonys don’t you?

Thomas Hawk: wouldn’t you agree Carol that the Nikons are much better than the Sonys?

Thomas Hawk: and by the way, if you need a nudge going one way or the other, I’d say FriendFeed is far better service than Twitter.

Carol XXXXXX: Yes I agree with you Thomas.
Thomas Hawk: but you know the only thing is Carol I can’t use a Nikon body with my Canon lenses. I tell you it’s like a speed trap, they get you every time with that one.

Thomas Hawk: I know you’re trying to wiggle out of that FriendFeed vs. Twitter question.

Thomas Hawk: Ok, forget about Twitter vs. FriendFeed, how about this one. What’s better Microsoft or Apple?

Carol XXXXXX: I think Apple is better then microsoft.

Thomas Hawk: Good answer Carol, the kids on digg are so going to love you. I’m more of a dual household kind of guy myself there. I use a Mac mostly, but I think the Windows Media Center Platform is better than Apple TV so you might say I’m sorta bi-polar that way.

Thomas Hawk: did you think my pick about bacon was better than the sausage?

Thomas Hawk: I still haven’t had breakfast by the way so it’s not too late to change my mind at least on that. It’s 5 am here in California so I’ve still got a few hours to solidify that choice.

Thomas Hawk: I’m uploading shots in the background to Flickr by the way while we’re chatting. You want to see my Flickrstream?

Carol XXXXXX: Yes .

Thomas Hawk: awesome. Here I’ll send you a link first to all of my photos that are rated 10 faves or higher. Tell me if you think they’re good.

Carol XXXXXX: Really its great Thomas.

Thomas Hawk: Thank you Carol. I try a bit, but now you can see why I need that new 5D Mark II, something about my photography just seems off these days without it if you know what I mean.

Carol XXXXXX: Yes I do understand that.

Thomas Hawk: I don’t think those guys at Canon really sorted this thing out so well when they said that they’d be shipping these things in November.

Thomas Hawk: I totally don’t blame you or Wolf by the way Carol.

Thomas Hawk: I’d say you and I are on the same side on this one. Which photograph did you like most that you saw on my flickrstream by the way?

Carol XXXXXX: I am invoice.

Thomas Hawk: you’re invoice? What does that mean?

Carol XXXXXX: Each and every photograph is awesome.

Thomas Hawk: Carol you always say the best things. Thank you for the compliment.

Carol XXXXXX: It was my pleasure Thomas Hawk,

Carol XXXXXX: Is there anything else I may help you with?

Thomas Hawk: I like how you use my full name there, it’s sounds professional. Alright, no, I’ve totally taken too much of your time already. I appreciate the offer for additional help though. You have yourself an amazing and awesome day Carol.

Thomas Hawk: You can call me Tom though.

Thomas Hawk: I hope I get you the next time I chat on this thing by the way.

Carol XXXXXX: It was my pleasure to chat with you Tom.

Carol XXXXXX: Thank you for visiting Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Thomas Hawk: It’s hard to say goodbye, but at this point I’m afraid we must. Bye Carol.

Carol XXXXXX: Goodbye and have a wonderful day!

Carol XXXXXX: Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Thomas Hawk: definitely I will to both! Bye again.

Carol XXXXXX: Thank you Tom, bye have a great day!

Thank you for using InstantService. You may now close this window.
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

Maybe when I chat back at them tomorrow I’ll see what they can tell me about the black spot artifact problems the new 5D’s have been having.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    To put things into perspective. I work for a very large international retailer. We only have 3 received from Canon.

    Pre-order or not. They are dependent on the manufacturers or distributors.

    Be patient.

  2. scherbi says:

    Ha! Very funny…I like how you contained your frustration in a solid stream of WTF?’s. Good luck getting the camera, Thomas! Come visit us in NYC again with it! Be well!

  3. Andy Frazer says:


    Very funny. But I think it’s clear that the nice lady in Bangalore failed to pick up on your dry humor.


    Andy Frazer

  4. jcpiercy says:

    I would think she would have been willing to find , buy ( on her own dime ) and ship you a Canon 5D MkII ,, just to get you off the dang phone …. funny interview …

    Should have recorded it live ….

  5. Justin says:

    I’ve had similar conversations with PowWeb support…

  6. Ulrich says:

    LOL, Thomas, you know, I’ve been at GM Photo in Frankfurt (my primary local dealer of the real stuff) on Friday to pick up a protective filter for my new 35 1:1.4 L and guess what, they’ve got the 5D Mk II it right there sitting on the shelf for 2.499 Euros.

    I did not order or buy one because I am fine with the 5D actually. But to any addictives: Frankfurt is quite nice, especially the Christmas Market, have a trip over and pick up your copy as a nice add on. LOLOLOL.

  7. Andrew Moore says:

    pisses me off that these people have to be so robotic.

  8. Traveling PJ says:

    why are you ordering from Wolf? I called Samy’s up two weeks ago and got my shipped the same day.

  9. .eyebex says:

    play nice Thomas!

  10. Martin says:

    Ours arrived from Adorama this morning – not that I’ll get to play with it for some time – Patti is already in love with it.

  11. Martin says:

    Thomas – I did get to play with our 5D II last night at a party – with a fast zoom (2.8 24-70) we were shooting in very low light – I couldn’t believe we were taking pictures in that little available light – you’re going to love it for all the low light and night photography you do.

  12. Blake says:


    This reminded me of this guy

    who tries paying a late bill with a drawing of a spider 🙂

    Very nice Thomas… err, Tom.

  13. Anonymous says:

    “…. funny interview …

    Should have recorded it live ….”

    – It was a transcript of a web-based conversation. Duh.

  14. Francois says:

    I can’t believe I have read this till the end! You are pretty funny anyway…