Flickr Improves Contact Management

Flickr Improves Your Contacts Page

Improved Contacts Management � Flickr Blog Yesterday Flickr released a revamped version of your “Your Contacts” page on Flickr.

The new page allows you several new ways to look at your contacts and is a big improvement over the mostly static page that Flickr previously had used.

Now you can search for contacts within your contact list and sort your conatacts in various ways.

Some of the new features don’t work for me (I can’t sort my contacts by number of uploads for example), but this probably has more to do with my unusually large number of contacts on the site.

You can also now, for the first time, see who calls you a contact in an organized way. With this new view it also makes it easier to monitor reciprocal relationships on Flickr. I suspect that this new feature will result in a lot of people on Flickr being added into reciprocal contact relationships in the next few weeks or so.

It’s been interesting playing around with these pages this morning. I’ve already found some new people to add as contacts that I hadn’t been following before. It was also interesting for me to realize that I’ve been on Flickr for 44 months now and see who were the first contacts I ever added on the site. Turns out the first contact I ever added on Flickr was SeenyaRita.

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  1. Although I appreciate the changes made to Flickr’s contact system, and some of them are great upgrades, it still needs a lot of work. Most people are starting to use that site in different ways than the creators of Flickr initially intended and now it is their responsibility to tweak controls within the system to meet user’s needs. Hopefully that comes with the next upgrade.