Spotlight Seven Interviews Merkley???

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Flickr: Discussing Week 30 Interview: Merkley??? [Note: "not safe for work"] in Spotlight Seven

The Spotlight Seven Group on Flickr has an interview done this week by Brooklyn’s Finest Smoothdude with Flickr’s main man Merkley. Note that Merkley is known for those lusturious amazing productions of naked young babes surrounded by all kinds of the world’s greatest things including couches, cats, guitars, booze, curtains and drapes, you name it. Oh yeah and the chicks are naked, more topless really, but you get the idea. As in not so safe for work perhaps and not allowed out of Flickr in RSS streams because Flickr doesn’t like adults to see adult content via RSS or Germans to see adult content even on Flickr itself.

“The book came about when i completed the picture of jenny on the cover and i mentioned to her that i thought it would be a good idea to do a book of all the girls we knew on their own sofas with their own favorite shoes. I have told many people about different big ideas, the difference with this one was that jenny went straight out and told people i WAS making a book. the next time i went out 4 different girls approached me (the first 4 in the book besides jenny) and told me they wanted to be in it. once you photograph someone naked with the promise of making a book, your only choices are to either a) make the book or b) be a total douchebag. So i made the book.”

Anyways, it’s a good interview, check it out here.

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  1. Andy Frazer says:

    Thanks for posting this. After reading his interview and some of his responses, I’ve gained a new respect for the guy. I’m not crazy about most of his photographs (although I like a few of them), but I love his brutal honesty about how he describes the plan behind his work.

  2. Jake says:

    Oops. My other comment didn’t quite work. Please Digg it here if you like the story.