Whatever Happened to That Flickr Getty Photo Licensing Deal?

Getty to Offer Flickr Images for Sale

Remember all that hoopla a few months back when Yahoo and Getty Images announced their partnership code named “Project Populace,” to allow Flickr photographers the ability to sell their images through the stock giant Getty Images? In early July Bridget Russell at Getty Images wrote me and said that Getty planned to launch their Flickr collection in the “coming months” with tens of thousands of images.

From what I understand, Flickr photographers were going to be invited by Getty Images to be included in the offering as part of the first stage. Yet I’m not sure anyone has been invited yet. Now “coming months” could mean a lot more than the next two, but it sure does sound quiet on the Flickr/Getty front. A group started on Flickr by Flickr users about the partnership hasn’t had a comment made in it by a group member in over 2 months.

Gawker speculates that Getty is buying Flickr. But I doubt this. The stock photography industry has largely been on the decline and some would speculate that Flickr as a piece of Yahoo is worth more than the entire company of Getty Images (which was bought out by buyout firm Hellman Friedman for $2.4 billion in February of this year). Flickr’s Heather Champ denies the rumor in a comment on Gawker for good measure.

Of course desperate times call for desperate measures and it is interesting to note from Henry Blodget that Yahoo continues to bleed badly with their stock price being down 5% on Friday on a day when the Dow was up 400 points.

Some have suggested that Flickr is worth up to $4 Billion on it’s own and at this point that would make it worth over 15% of Yahoo’s entire market capitalization.

Whatever the case, it’s been awfully quiet on the Flickr/Getty deal front with next to no visible press or progress being made on the deal over the past few months.

Update: Just got the following email back from Russel at Getty:

“Thanks for your note. As we announced in July, Flickr and Getty Images have partnered on a Flickr collection that will launch on gettyimages.com in the future. Our teams continue to work together closely on the collection. I will certainly keep you posted as we get closer to launch.”

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  1. Emon says:

    I was thinking about that just this morning.

    Do you have any idea how Getty might be inviting users?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yahoo selling Flickr would be a huge mistake, since it is their only property that is considered cool. It needs to be as much about mindshare as profit for them. But they also can’t let it languish as Picasa has really stepped it up in the last few weeks with their new features.