Sarah Palin vs. Joe Biden Web 2.0 Style

Sarah Palin vs Joe Biden

I took the transcript from Sarah Palin’s VP acceptance speech at last night’s Republican convention (top) and compared it to the VP acceptance transcript given by Joe Biden from the Democratic convention (bottom) using wordle.

Best viewed large.

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  1. Ken Stewart says:

    I thought it interesting both sides mentioned John McCain, but only one side mentioned Obama.

    Even more interesting would be upon inspection of just this illustration, Biden’s speech seemed to focus on the presidential candidates, whereas Palin’s speech – at it’s core – focused on the country.

  2. Mike says:

    The more I look at it the more interesting it becomes.

  3. TranceMist says:

    Very cool!

    I’m going to try this on Canon and Nikon’s most recent press releases.

  4. Raquita says:

    I thought palins image shows how she really was very generic didn’t say anything specific… as if she was focused on not saying anything of substance.

  5. Wizum says:

    Interesting to see…

    to Raquita… and what kind of substance has Obama displayed/spoken about???

  6. I see nothing terribly insightful about this, and think it somewhat denigrates what Web 2.0 is designed to do . . . help people and communities understand and share their experiences and communities.

    While an interesting use of the tag cloud concept, it doesn’t really bring much of use to the table. At least a tag cloud shows what a group of people, a community if you will, finds of interest.

    It is of value precisely because it distills the usage (possibly, even, the wisdom) of a crowd, whereas this merely shows the preference of one person or a very small group of people – without context – who are trying to get a specific message across.

    I must say, however, it is a brilliant example of the typically vapid imagination and intelligence of the average American voter.