Microsoft Enhances Free Pro Photo Tools App

Just got an email from Edelman that Microsoft has made some upgrades to their Pro Photo Tools application. This is a great free application that PC users can use to keyword and geotag their photos. While Pro Photo Tools certainly is not a replacement for the type of work that Adobe’s Lightroom can do, it is nice that it is made available free for users who might want to use it’s functionality without having to pay for a heavier more expensive photo app.

According to Edelman improvements made in the most recent release include:

Support for reading and writing metadata to/from XMP side cars so that metadata will interoperate with Adobe products. This is in addition to reading and writing from the file.
Users can convert from RAW to JPEG, TIFF, and HD Photo using “As Shot” settings. This includes the ability to resize the image.
Users can view actual RAW image in addition to thumbnails
Support for 64-bit Windows
Support for international locales
Improved UI for geotagging your photos

You can get the latest version of Pro Photo Tools from Microsoft for free here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When I read things like this, it amazes me that Apple doesn’t have geotagging built into iPhoto.

  2. Quikboy says:

    I love Pro Photo Tools. It’s free, and obviously, continually updated. Saves me from buying iPhoto.

    Geotagging is superb.