Yuvi Analyzes What I Talk About on FriendFeed

Yuvi Analyzes What I Talk About on FriendFeed

Over at the StatBot Yuvi (on Flickr here) has created a word cloud analyzing what I talk about on FriendFeed (along with a few other FriendFeed users). I’m not really surprised by the findings, Flickr, FF, seem to be the two services that I talk about quite a bit. Great work Yuvi as usual.

If you haven’t signed up for FriendFeed yet, definitely check it out. It’s a wonderful way to share all the places you publish on the internet with a whole new community — a community built very much on interaction.

I’m on FriendFeed here.

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  1. David says:

    Should we read anything into the fact you appear to talk about Flickr a lot more than you do about Zooomr?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I see the word “like” in much bolder type than any of the other words up there.

    Such a valley boy.