Wordle Spam Tag Cloud

Wordle Spam Tag Cloud

I just went into my Junk Email Folder on Mac Mail and opened up the last 100 spam email messages that I’ve received. I then took the texts from these 100 emails and pasted them into Wordle to make a tag cloud. The above image was my result. Click here for a larger view.

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  1. gregory says:

    very nice idea, wonder at the subtle differences in different people’s junkmail

    and, another cool thing,

    look at the ads that google puts in gmail for the threaded conversations with different people. they are amazingly knowledgeable about what the vibe is in the mails

  2. chandoo says:

    Hey that is nice.. I once did the same for fortune 500 company mission statements.. not sure what the url for that was …

  3. JeffH says:

    Wow, Amazingly enough I don’t see the words ‘Penis Enlargement’ in big bold letters. I guess the spammers have moved on to other useless products…