Minnesota Public Radio on More Photographer Harassment

MPR: Convention Beat: A choice of weapons

“He’s known on the Flickr photo website as Guy Flâneur, the alias under which he publishes his photos. He kicked of an extensive discussion of public photography on the site here.

He was taking these pictures on the street outside Travelers, he said, when a security guard came out and told him to stop pointing a camera at the building. The photographer declined, but a few minutes later two St. Paul police officers arrived, approached him and one of them asked for identification.

“He didn’t say anything. He just asked questions,” Flâneur said.”He said, ‘You don’t look like a terrorist, but we need to check things out.”

Travelers spokesman Gail Liebl said today that she wasn’t aware of either incident, although she did note that there’s a “heightened sense of security in the next few weeks,” since the Republican National Convention was right next door.

But did add that it is not company security policy to stop members of the public in the street and make them identify themselves.”

I’ve actually shot with Guy before. He visited San Francisco a year or so back and we shot the inside architecture of the Hyatt Regency and shot the Bay Bridge along the waterfront. A super nice guy. It’s unfortunate that photographers would be asked by police to provide ID for the crime of photography.

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  1. Guy Flaneur says:

    Thanks for posting this, Thomas, and for your kind comments.


  2. Curly says:

    I’ve been in exactly the same situations, (please follow the links) thankfully the first small concession has been gained.

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