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Compete's FriendFeed vs Twitter numbers, July 2008

For the past few months I’ve been informally watching how the popular microblogging site Twitter has been tracking vs. FriendFeed on In many ways FriendFeed has been the most natural beneficiary from an ongoing plague of downtime problems that Twitter has been struggling with over the course of the past few months. During these downtime problems FriendFeed’s growth has been dramatically eclipsing Twitter’s.

Today released their July monthly numbers and it would appear that at least last month Twitter has regained much of their growth that they lost in May and June. For the month of July, is reporting that Twitter grew at a monthly rate of 21.9% vs. FriendFeed’s growth of 26.7%. This compares with June growth numbers of 5.4% for Twitter and 33.7% for FriendFeed.

While I still think that we will see FriendFeed track with more users than Twitter within the next year, it would appear that as Twitter has regained much of their site stability that this might not be as easy as first thought.

Of course Twitter and FriendFeed are still two very different sites and very different animals — albeit two of the fastest growing social network sites on the web today. Personally most of my microblogging activity has moved from Twitter to FriendFeed for a few key reasons.

1. Photography is very important to me and FriendFeed represents visually better than Twitter does. As a text only platform Twitter misses much of the richness that photographs can provide. Although FriendFeed needs to better incorporate blog post imagery with blog RSS feeds, by allowing users to share images direclty as well as incorporating Flickr, Zooomr, SmugMug and Picasa imagery into the mix I think FriendFeed is a more visually stimulating site.

2. The conversations happen at FriendFeed in ways that they do not at Twitter. Because FriendFeed groups conversations as single items, conversations are easier to follow and monitor at FriendFeed.

3. The hide functionality on FriendFeed allows users much greater control over the “noise” that is frequently generated from a microblogging platform.

4. FriendFeed’s “best of” section consistently provides interesting content.

You can find me on Twitter here and on FriendFeed here.

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